PSPokemon Black PSP

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PSPokemon Black
AuthorBixu, Davmon
Last Updated2010/10/02
TypeRole Playing Game

PSPokemon Black is a mod version of PSPokemon v0.18, made by Bixu and Davmon (TEAM [B&D]). It was originally a Pokemon clone developed by mrfyda and D4NnY.


  • In this version the legendary Reshiram appears as wild.
  • All Pokemon appear in the game are from Pokemon Black for NDS.
  • Your pokemon learns different techniques.
  • Main character is a boy.
  • When pressing objects in start menu, it displays the boy's brown backpack.
  • Rival trainers are different.

User guide

A game based on the fifth season of Pokemon, where you will have to travel the world in search of these creatures, embodying the protagonist Ash and Maya (depending on the version), fighting combats, to obtain the largest amount of pokemons possible.

A game made for all lovers of this saga.

Note: When loading a game the screen will remain black for a few seconds, but the music will continue to play (a sign that the game is loading). To exit, it is recommended to use the start menu, then choose the Exit option.


D-Pad/Analog - Character movement

Square - Run

Start - Items menu, Pokemons, Pause

Cross - Select, Confirm

Circle - Cancel

Triangle - Exit dialogues





Tested and works on Custom Firmware GEND3,5.03GENC and M33.

Known issues

When you get your first pokemon and get the message of who you have chosen, it will take a few seconds to load the configuration. Save game frequently to avoid losing your progress due to some error or isolated blocking.


v0.20 (PSPokemon Mod Version 0.18)

  • Modified some elements of the stage.
  • Battle music in combat.
  • Now rival trainers own two Pokemon.
  • Modified the battlefields.
  • Changed the classic pokemon for fifth generation pokemon (From the game Pokemon Black for Nintendo DS).
  • Fixed the on-screen texts to be consistent with the details of Pokemon Black for Nintendo DS.
  • Possibility of finding Reshiram as a wild pokemon.
  • Various modifications.

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