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AuthorNakano, Motuk
Last Updated2011/09/16

Company is a PSP card game that involves 100 cards (24+4 unique) and 2-4 players. It has a story mode, arcade mode with several unlockable bounes.

It has been entered to the Neo Retro Coding Compo 2011 (Games, 10th place) and PSP Genesis Competition 2011.


Copy the Company (Card Game) v1.1 folder to your /PSP/GAME/ folder.

User guide


The goal of the game is to open a company and earn more money than other entrepreneurs.

Some cards in hand become negative points at the end of the game. In addition, with a few cards you can sabotage other companies.

See Rules.doc for more details how to play the game. The game includes an arcade and a story mode.

The game also contains extra contents for you to unlock, including different difficulty levels, bonus cards and card list menu.

Unlockable bonuses


  • Random - Win a hard player twice in a row (choose rematch, do not return to menu). Required income for playing Sell Company is at least $200000.
  • Moderate - Win a match with the random mode difficulty. Must have at least 3 players, allow multiple threats set to Yes and required income for playing Sell Company is at least $200000.
  • Extreme - Win a match with the moderate difficulty. Must have 4 players and required income for playing Sell Company is at least $200000.

Card bonuses:

  • Card List Menu - Win a match with the extreme difficulty. Must have 4 players and required income for playing Sell Company is at least $200000.
  • Bonus cards - Bonus cards are Rotate Table, Rotate Hands, New Identity and Sabotage. Can be earned by playing Story Mode.
  • Additional Style - Win a player. After unlocking this you can also use your own created graphics.

Using Custom Style

To use a custom style (for example with translated cards of your language), copy your style to /images/style2/ folder (if you do more styles then to style3 folder and so on).

The folder must contain all the images named exactly like in the style1 folder (remember extensions too). This feature is not supported by PSP Phat.


Cheating is no fun, but if you really cannot advance you can use these cheat codes.

Open Cheat Menu by pressing Triangle (big card image appears) and Start (you will then see the keys). Use the combination keys to activate the following cheats:

  • Get a lot of money and clear the deck (hold L+R and press Up).
  • Player 2 gets a lot of money and clears the deck (hold L+R and press Down).
  • See every players hand cards (hold L+R and press Right).


Cross - Play Card

Square - Discard Card

Triangle - Zoom Card

Circle - Cancel Selection

R - (Card List) Double number of cards, (Arcade mode) Next custom style

L - (Card List) Half number of cards, (Arcade mode) Previous custom style

Left/Right/Down - Select

Up - Select, See company specific earnings

Start - Show keys

Select - Return to menu

Home - Quit

Known issues

Custom style feature is not supported by PSP Phat due to memory constraints.



  • Changes based on valid feedback from Neo Compo.
  • Added a new option to set time how long game info texts are shown.
  • If the player use cheat mode, the highscore is not recorded in story mode.

2011/07/22 Story Edition

  • Switched to LuaDEV.
  • Dropped old primary graphics.
  • Bug fixes: Banker calculated wrongly if multiple players had the card. Some other bug fixes too.
  • Improved CPU logic.
  • Four new playable bonus cards.
  • Added sound effects, music and analog support.
  • Original story mode.
  • Tweaked arcade mode:
    • Shows bonus news flashes.
    • Can see big images in Card List.
    • Possibility to faster increase/decrease cards in Card List.


  • Initial release for Genesis.


Nakano - Concept, code, testing, graphics design, sound effects.

Motuk - CPU code and testing.

Special thanks to:

  • Irfanhb7 for participating and creating primary graphics for the previous release.
  • Xerpi for doing initial port of v0.1 from Euphoria V8 to LuaDev.
  • DeViaNTe for developing LuaDev.

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