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Versionb1.3 9 October 2012

VocableDS is a utility that able to create own vocabulary cards and thus be able to perform tests.

User guide

User can convert VocableDS-files to .csv-files which can be opened with e.g. MS Excel.

There are options to control the order of survey. Available options are "Ending", "Beginning" and "Random".

Ending: begin from the ending of the vocabulary list.

Beginning: begin from the beginning of the vocabulary list.

Random: the order is randomly.


A - save the vocabulary list

B - save the translation and go to the vocable

Can be controlled by Stylus.

Enter key - save the vocable and go to the translation
Next/Back - navigate through the previous entered vocable translation pairs
Exit - return to the main menu



  • Added the option to create also a .csv-file beside the .voc-file to the create function


  • Added the option to convert a .voc-file to a .csv-file to the edit function. You can open a .csv-file e.g. with MS Excel


  • Added options for the order of queried vocables to the test function


  • Added the edit function


  • Added a random mode to the test function


  • Fixed the bug that you can confirm an emty text field in the vocabulary test


  • Added the test function:
if you press "Open" or A in the file opening menu the vocabulary test will start
if you enter the false answer or nothing a sound ring out and the right answer is displayed
press "OK" to get to the next vocable
if you enter the right answer a sound ring out
at the end of the vocabulary test the results are displayed
in the results the grade and the number of right vocables are displayed


  • Added a security message which appears, if you want to exit without saving
  • Now you can't input more than 100 vocable translation pairs
  • Fixed the bug that appears if you choose a filename that is longer than 6 letters
  • Added a file opening menu:
if you press "Test yourself" you'll get to the file opening menu
you can browse through 50 filenames (use the directional pad)
you can return to the main menu :3
you can choose what is queried

a0.1 Added create function:

filename is limited to 10 letters, only the character a-z, A-Z, 0-9 and ('-,.!&=+_;) are allowed
you can press "Confirm" or A to confirm a filename
you also can press "Cancel" or B to return to the main menu :3
vocable and translation are limited to 20 letters, all characters are allowed
with A you can save the vocabulary list
if you press B you save the translation and go to the vocable
if you press the enter key on the touchscreen keyboard you save the vocable and go to the translation
with "Next" and "Back" you can navigate through the previous entered vocable translation pairs
an entered or edited vocable translation pair is saved
with "Exit" you return to the main menu