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Last Updated2012/10/09

VocableDS is a utility that able to create own vocabulary cards and thus be able to perform tests.

User guide

You can convert VocableDS-files to .csv-files which can be opened with e.g. MS Excel.

There are 3 options to control the order of the vocabulary cards:

  • Ending - Begin from the ending of the vocabulary list.
  • Beginning - Begin from the beginning of the vocabulary list.
  • Random - In random order.


A - Save the vocabulary list

B - Save the translation and go to the vocable

Enter key (stylus) - Save the vocable and go to the translation

Next/Back (stylus) - Navigate through the previous entered vocable translation pairs

Exit (stylus) - Return to the main menu



  • Added the option to create also a .csv-file beside the .voc-file to the create function.


  • Added the option to convert a .voc-file to a .csv-file to the edit function. You can open a .csv-file e.g. with MS Excel.


  • Added options for the order of queried vocables to the test function.


  • Added the edit function.


  • Added a random mode to the test function.


  • Fixed the bug that you can confirm an emty text field in the vocabulary test.


  • Added the test function:
    • If you press "Open" or A in the file opening menu the vocabulary test will start.
    • If you enter the false answer or nothing a sound ring out and the right answer is displayed.
    • Press "OK" to get to the next vocable.
    • If you enter the right answer a sound ring out.
    • At the end of the vocabulary test the results are displayed.
    • In the results the grade and the number of right vocables are displayed.


  • Added a security message which appears, if you want to exit without saving.
  • Now you can't input more than 100 vocable translation pairs.
  • Fixed the bug that appears if you choose a filename that is longer than 6 letters.
  • Added a file opening menu:
    • If you press "Test yourself" you'll get to the file opening menu.
    • You can browse through 50 filenames (use the directional pad).
    • You can return to the main menu.
    • You can choose what is queried.


  • Added create function:
    • Filename is limited to 10 letters, only the character a-z, A-Z, 0-9 and ('-,.!&=+_;) are allowed.
    • You can press "Confirm" or A to confirm a filename.
    • You also can press "Cancel" or B to return to the main menu.
    • Vocable and translation are limited to 20 letters, all characters are allowed.
    • With A you can save the vocabulary list.
    • If you press B you save the translation and go to the vocable.
    • If you press the enter key on the touchscreen keyboard you save the vocable and go to the translation.
    • With "Next" and "Back" you can navigate through the previous entered vocable translation pairs.
    • An entered or edited vocable translation pair is saved.
    • With "Exit" you return to the main menu.

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