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Scrabble Assistant DS
AuthorNicolas Pillot
Last Updated2008/01/31
TypeOther Apps
Eng-twl & Eng-sowpods & Fr Download

This utility is meant to ease the life of players using the board version of the Scrabble game.

It has with 3 versions that use different dictionaries: Officiel du Scrabble 5 word list (French version), TWL word list (English version) and SOWPODS word list (English version). As of version 0.6 and up, each dictionary has the full 2-15 letter words.


It contains 3 versions which uses the following dictionaries:

  • Fr-ods5 - French version using ODS5 (Officiel du Scrabble 5 word list).
  • Eng-twl - English version using TWL06 (Official Tournament and Club Word List).
  • Eng-sowpods - English version using SOWPODS (Official Scrabble Words and the American Scrabble Players Dictionary).

To install, copy the version you want to use to the root directory of the card (should not require DLDI patching).

User guide

These are the core functions for this program:

  • Check - To check other players' word when you have no dictionary on hand.
  • Search - When you have good letters, made your choice with a word but feel there may be better options.
  • Score - Calculate scores for each player at the end of the game. Allow solo playing (up to 9 players), end-game substractions can be done too.

Other notable features includes:

Up to 900 search results with paged viewing, score calculations with up to 130 score entries per player and paged viewing, search length/score/alpha sort options, checks all of the dictionaries to find the best candidates for each sort option, provides a mean to lock out search and check options using any custom key-combination to prevent cheating, minimalist interface and sound clicks.

Score function

Ending a game:

When a player just put the last letter(s), enter his/her normal score (only for his last word). Select Negative (toggle to).

For each player with letters:

  • One after the other, enter the letter-sum and choose OK.
  • Select Negative (toggle back).

For the player with no more letters:

  • Enter the letter-sum of all remaining letters, and choose OK.
  • Total is updated accordingly to reflect final scores.

Please note that you cannot really "end" a game. Simply read the score, say who wins, and start a new one.

Who's starting:

Player A will always start. There is no player-naming options. You have to track yourself who's who, such as: Betty is A, Joe is B, Sue is C and so on.

Search function

Lock/unlock Search:

  • Press and hold R button.
  • Press any button combination except L and the Touchscreen (Remember it, this is your key to unlock the function back).
  • Validate your combination by pressing L.
  • To unlock, repeat the three points above.

Check function

Lock/unlock Check:

  • Press and hold L button.
  • Press any button combination except R and the Touchscreen (Remember it, this is your key to unlock the function back).
  • Validate your combination by pressing R.
  • To unlock, repeat the three points above.

Search/Check Combo-key

Add Pressing the Touchscreen to combination to lock the corresponding function permanently. This way, only a reboot will re-enable the function. No need of a tricky combination. Example:

  • Lock Check permanently - Hold L and hold the pen down on the touch-screen, press R. Check is locked forever.
  • Lock Search permanently - Hold R AND hold the pen down on the touch-screen, press L. Search is locked forever.

Memory hint on which key to hold:

  • Check is on the left-hand side, so hold L.
  • Search is on the right-hand side, so hold R.


sads2.png sads3.png

sads4.png sads5.png


Runs smoothly in no$gba, and has been thoroughly tested on an MK5 flash cart.


0.6b Tweaking update

  • Added new game confirm box.
  • Added separate check/search function lock.
  • Added possible permanent function lock.
  • Added louder click-sound.

0.6a Tweaking update

  • Added text hint on how to start a game.

0.6 2008/01/28

  • Added scoring function (1-9 players).
  • Added scoring log paging.
  • Added scoring new/undo functions.
  • Added negative scoring optin (for endgame).
  • Added compressed list, word length 2-15 for all.
  • Added search result paging (900 results).
  • Added search result sorting (length, points, alpha).
  • Added search/check custom-lock combination.
  • Major UI refactoring, with sound, finger-friendly.

0.5 2008/01/17

  • Added language support.
  • En: added sowpod list, word length 15.
  • En: added twl06 list, word length 15.
  • Fully automated language build process.


  • Switched french wordlist to ODS5.TXT.
  • Increased french word length to 11.


  • Added "input clear" button.
  • Full object-oriented implementation.

0.4a 2008/01/16


  • Merged gfx and engine.


  • Setting the word length.
  • Reduction of the base to 8 letters.


  • Corrected bug in word input length.
  • Added display limitation to 1 screen.


  • Added infinite loop.


  • Anagramme research.


  • Check existing word.


  • Input interface.

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