The Martian

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Martian DS
Author(s)Team Poo Hill
TypePlatform Shooter

A platform shoot'em up.

User guide

You are the Martian- you are BRUTE! You are going to destroy earth and you're starting with this name.

There are two stages to fight your way through. At the end of each stage there is a boss that you must kill.

You can take 3 hits before dying, and you start with three lives. When you die you will re-spawn at the same location with full health. When you run out of lives, your game is over and you will have to start over from the beginning of Stage 1.



Health up (Red Cross): Recovers health completely

One up (Martian head): An extra mans

Points (Star): Gives a boost to your points

Various Weapons: See below.


Machine Gun (blue): Fires rapidly to the front

Spread Gun (orange): Fire a spray of bullets

Laser Gun (green): Sends out a devestating laser beam, but reload is slow

Missle Launcher (yellow): Fire missles that explode for area and time damage


Popo: A simple policeman who enjoys eating donuts and seems to want nothing to do with Martians.

Red Popo: A more experienced policeman who will fire when he sees you!

Chief: A big man in charge who fires a spread weapon and take take many hits.

SWAT Team: A speedy, well trained officer who can jump and will fire (watch out!)

Window Cop: Hides in open windows and tosses grenades at passing Martians.

Boss Cop: Big nasty cop with digestive problems.

Greenie: Big nasty cop wearing a green uniform, who has a lethal fist and is capable of mighty leaps.


D-Pad - move Martian

A - jump (hold to jump longer)

B - fire (hold for rapid fire with some weapons)

A+Down - jump down from platforms


The Martian should run on any DS or DS homebrew emulator, except those that do not support libfat.


Version 1.2

  • Better sound effect support
  • Board to keep Top 10 scores & name entry
  • Various map edits
  • First boss actions tweaked
  • Powerup frequency reduced


ThousandKnives (DS port, additional DS graphics, coding, graphics tidying, map design, game design, sound effects)

Jawsh (boss cop, chubby cop, window cop, windows, platforms, gibs, bullets, powerups, text/HUD, title)

Pegwo (popo, hero, swat, background tiles, bullets)