Cards Of Incantation

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Cards Of Incantation

Cards Of Incantation, formerly known as WagicDS, is an adaption of the strategy Magic card game for the NDS. It is in English and Spanish.


  • Create decks (minimum 40 cards, maximum 60).
  • See all the icons and images of the cards.
  • Save and load your decks.
  • Book-shaped keyboard to prevent the console from turning more than necessary.
  • Small presentation with the name of the author.
  • Sound when pressing anything, to show that you have pressed it.
  • First game mat where you can see how everything will be.
  • Ability to shuffle the deck.

User guide

The game mechanics is the same:

  • Face another player in the role of powerful magicians and, as such, summon all kinds of creatures and impressive spells to defeat your opponent.
  • You initially have 20 health points, so make your brave creatures and your powerful spells take your opponent's health to 0 or lower.

The part of the duels from begins to be finished:

  • The decks are already being shuffled.
  • Cards are drawn by clicking on them, these cards are moved by clicking on them with the stylus.
  • The cards are rotated and straightened by pressing the Stylus on them and the R or L button depending on the player you are.


Stylus - Full Control of the application

A/Left - Rotate and straighten the cards (depend on player)

R/L - Shuffle the deck (depend on player)


cardsofincantation3.png cardsofincantation6.png


Tested with:

DSTT/TTDS (firmware 1.17)


Version 1.0b

  • The cards are moved in 8x8 blocks, to facilitate their handling and placement.
  • To turn or straighten the cards you must press the A or Left button, depending on the player you are.
  • To shuffle the decks during the game you must press R or L, depending on the player you are, and an image will be displayed indicating this action. Contributions are appreciated to change this image ,
  • Added English language (it is automatically detected at the start of the game).

Initial Version 1.0

  • Now you can play. There are some things to polish, but the decks are already shuffled correctly and you can play by taking cards out of the decks, rotating them and moving them (they will change their orientation depending on where they are on the screen).
  • The icons on the board indicate each of the phases of the turn which are: Untap, Draw, Spell Phase 1, Combat, Spell Phase 2, End of Turn (which will rotate the icons so that they are visible to the other player).
  • To rotate or de-rotate the cards, you will press the R or L button depending on the player you are.

Version 0.6a

  • Reduced size of the game, leaving the graphic quality as it was.
  • Now at the beginning of the fight, after choosing the deck for each player, you shuffle them showing an image to each player to let them know that the duel begins. This function of shuffling the deck can be repeated during the game, for this the player only has to press the R or L key (depending on whether it is player 1 or player 2) and press their deck.

Version 0.5d

  • The icons of the phases of the turn have been added, as well as the obligation to press for a short time these icons or the deck of cards to change their state or show the back of the cards.

Version 0.5c

  • Retouched images and color palettes. Now you see the cards and backgrounds without transparent sprites .

Version 0.5b

  • Added the first game mat where you can see the distribution of the cards (deck, hand, lands, creature cards, enchantments, spells and graveyard), although at the moment it is only a test to see how the distribution of everything is, so that such distribution may vary.

Version 0.5a

  • A book-format keyboard has been added to avoid constantly rotating the console from portrait to landscape. Now having the console always in book format (except in the main menus and the presentation).
  • A small presentation with the author's name has been added, still under study for design and modification.
  • The part of clicking on a card to be able to see it and delete it has been canceled (at least in the creation of the deck) due to the fact that they are on top of each other (a handling with the pad to move through them is being studied).
  • A "click" sound has also been added so that when clicking on any icon or symbol on the keyboard it is heard and thus the user has knowledge of the action that has been carried out.

Version 0.01a

  • The decks that you create can now be saved and loaded, although it is in testing, since the author finished it a few days ago. This is only possible on the console, on an emulator it is impossible. The mazos.sav and mazos.bck files will be generated with the data from the created decks.
  • You can now see all the icons and images of the cards for the decks (minimum 40 cards to save a deck, maximum 60 ).
  • Added some sounds.
  • Added folder with the hbmenu to be able to launch it.

Version 0.002a

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