Where is the Star?

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Where is the Star?

This homebrew is the first project for NDS by magicblack2009. It is scheduled with PAlib in which we are to seek one or more stars along the most famous monuments and landscapes of the world. The game is in two languages​​: English and Spanish.

It was participated in the Scenery Beta 2010.


For the large size of the homebrew, you need to use to load the Homebrew hb_menu.nds correctly in most FlashCards. The hb_menu.nds is included in the download link, in the folder hbmenu.

User guide

The game is basically a star to find the length and width of the touch screen console and touch it to the next level.

The game consists of 31 levels, each level takes place in a monument, so we travel to different countries.

Two modes are available:

Classic: The same gameplay than previous versions, ie pass to the next level by touching the only star.
Multiple: The most innovative way to play, pass the level playing all stars we have chosen previously.

It features three levels of difficulty:

Easy: The stars have yellow fill, find all of the level.
The normal: The stars will outline only, find all the level with a bit more difficulty.
The difficult: Now the outline of the star is dotted, making the search more complicated.

For multiple mode, player has to choose how many stars to seek in a level.



Stylus - full control

Start - pause

Select - restart the game


Tested on: Flashcard TTDS / DSTT with firmware 1.17

Flashcard M3DS Real with firmware 4.8
Flashcard itouch2 with firmware 3.8
Flashcard Cyclo DS Evolution with firmware 1.58
Alternative Firmware R4 FlashCard with Wood vDesconocida


Version 4.0

  • Added hour at the top right of the top screen.
  • Ability to restart the game by pressing Select.
  • Added music.
  • Texts of credits exchanged for images.

Version 3.0c

  • Fixed some errors in the texts.
  • Fixed some bugs in multi mode.
  • English translation added in it. Nds, autodetects language of the console, and if not Spanish, the English game starts.
  • Image of the Eiffel Tower changed in Normal and Hard levels of multiple mode to facilitate the search for the star.

Version 3.0b

  • Small improvements in graphics.
  • Added multiple hard mode.
  • Optimized for use EFS.
  • Improved code.
  • Fixed small bugs.
  • Added English translation.

Version 3.0

  • Fixed bug where the texts are superpusiesen on some levels.
  • Improved code to use less sprites.
  • Improved end.
  • Added three new stages.
  • Added multiple so easy and normal.

Version 2.0

  • New difficulty mode: Difficult.
  • 3 Levels added.
  • Fixed a bug in the credits.
  • Now, to the next level is not worth dragging the stylus, you have to play the star.
  • Changed the position of the star at the Eiffel Tower, is now visible.


Homebrew and most graphics: magicblack2009

Thanks to 4n4bol, Draco the dragon, exterminator, DRmack and cheleon15 for their help with the code.

Thanks to for music.