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Valhalla DS
AuthorTen Speed Games
Last Updated2009/03/19
VersionEpisode 1

Valhalla Classics Episode 1 is a Nintendo DS port of the classic Amiga/PC speech adventure. The original was released in 1994, and subsequently re-released for pc. The latter version had re-recorded sound and improved graphics and smoother animation. It also included episodic levels, and as such, the three games were split up by level.

It was ranked 2nd in the NEO Spring Coding Compo 2009, Game section.


Download and extract file.

DLDI patch it and copy the correct .nds (Slot-1 users)/ds.gba (Slot-2 users) file to the root directory of the card.

User guide

The premise of Valhalla is to find your way out of the crypt by solving the puzzle within.

Puzzles are solved by either placing objects on alters/skulls or by inserting objects into holes etc. To help you solve these puzzles, there are various maps and books hidden around. Find them and read them to unlock their secrets.

Somethings can harm the Prince, his health is represented by a bar on the left of the top screen. Once the health reaches zero, it's game over. Find health potions to restore your health.

Other puzzles require you to drink a potion to solve, potions don't last forever, once taken, the bar on the right will slowly decrease. Once it's empty, the effects of the potion cease.

Note: The intro can be skipped by pressing Start if you don't want to read it, otherwise touch the screen to continue.


All actions are performed using the touch screen and stylus. To perform an action, simply tap the corresponding button at the top of the touch screen:

  • Look - Look at objects in front of the prince or selected item.
  • Drop - Drops selected item.
  • Take - Pick up object in from of the prince.
  • Insert - Insert selected item.
  • Drink - Drink selected item such as potion.
  • Operate - Operate object in front of the prince.

Once an object is picked up, it goes into the prince's pockects, signified by the 10 circles on the touch screen. You can select these items by touching them, and then actions can be performed on them, like looking at books/maps etc.


D-Pad - Move (for right-handed)

A/B/X/Y - Move (for left-handed)

Stylus - Perform actions


valhalla2.png valhalla3.png


Tested and confirmed working on the Edge slot 1 card and Supercard Lite slot 2 card. Both using 2gb SanDisk Micro SD cards.

Known issues

There's no save function, background music in this version.


Valhalla Episode 1 was coded and implemented by Ten Speed Games.

Compiled with DevKitPro, using the PALib libraries.

Valhalla owned and created by Vulcan Software.

Backgrounds/foregrounds created by Ten Speed Games.

Sprites, maps, graphics, and sounds ripped and edited by Ten Speed Games.

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