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Last Updated2005/12/20

c64psp is a Sony PSP port of Christian Bauer's Frodo C64 emulator.


  • Multiple screen modes (with vsync on Firmware 1.5).
  • Full speed, stable C64 emulation (no need for PSP overclocking).
  • Excellent SID emulation.
  • Quit key combination for Firmware 2.0 users.
  • Memory snapshot quickload and save.
  • Increased game compatibility.


Copy the directory to the /PSP/GAME/ folder on your Memory Stick.

Place T64 and D64 image files in the /PSP/C64ROMS/ folder on your Memory Stick.

User guide

Load games (T64, D64)

Open the image selection screen, choose the image to Autoload.

Programs can also be loaded with the standard C64 disk commands using the virtual keyboard (e.g. LOAD”$”,8 and LIST for directory listing).

To do so, return to the emulator once the image file is highlighted and enter the following command

LOAD"game name",8

Screen Mode

  • Unstretched.
  • Stretched with horizontal and vertical borders.
  • Stretched with vertical borders.
  • Stretched with no borders.

Online resources


Q. Why do I get an error when starting c64psp?

Check that c64psp is installed correctly.

Q. My favourite game doesn’t work?

c64psp is a PSP port of the Frodo C64 emulator, any game that works on FrodoPC should work on c64psp.

You may also try to find an alternative image.


Start - Help screen

Select - Reset emulator

L+R+Start - Exit c64psp

L - Open image selection screen, Return to the emulator

Image selection screen:

D-Pad - Highlight image to load

Cross - Autoload image

Triangle - Toggle joystick port 1/port 2 (default) for the emulator

Circle - Change screen mode

Virtual keyboard:

R - Show/hide keyboard

D-Pad - Virtual keyboard navigation

Cross - Press selected key

Square - Hold Shift and press the selected key

Analog - Move virtual keyboard

Start - Load a snapshot

Select - Save snapshot

Known issues

D-Pad diagonals do not work properly, which seems to be a common PSP problem.


v0.3 2005/12/20

  • Video overhaul with multiple screen modes.
  • Better SID emulation.
  • More stable emulation core with better game support.
  • Snapshot quickload and save.

v0.2 2005/10/09

  • Added support for analog stick, virtual keyboard, joystick swapping and ability to load T64 and D64 image files.
  • Video is now centred.
  • USB disabled for this version.

v0.1 2005/09/26

  • Initial version. It boots. It displays stuff. It makes noises.


urchin: Code, graphics.

MagicRuss: v1.5 Testing, graphics.

grasstust: v2.0 Testing.

Thanks to for the PSP dev kit and Christian Bauer for creating Frodo.

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