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Last Updated2018/10/08

SpelunkyDS is a homebrew port of Derek Yu’s Spelunky Classic for the Nintendo DS. Only the cave level is implemented out of 4 different levels in the original game and it is no longer in development.

Developed by Daniel Zalega using C++ and libnds (as included with devkitPro’s toolchain).


  • Shopkeeper logics and randomly spawned shops.
  • Damsel.
  • Caveman.
  • Skeleton.
  • Arrow trap.
  • Modified rope logics.
  • Cape and jetpack.
  • 4 layers system - Top one for the console and HUD, bottom one for tilemap and the rest for other creatures.


Since v1.1DSi++ onwards, SpelunkyDS needs to be run via nds-bootstrap with DSiMenu++ if you are playing it on DSi.

User guide

The aim of the game is to explore tunnels, gathering as much treasure as possible while avoiding traps and enemies.

You can whip or jump on enemies to defeat them, pick up items that can be thrown to either attack enemies or set off traps, and use a limited supply of bombs and ropes to navigate the caves.

If you lose all the hearts or runs into an instant-kill trap, you will have to start from the beginning.

Note: If audio does not work, launch the application using TWiLight Menu++.


L - Start game

Left/Right - Move to the left/right

Up - Look up, Climb

Down - Look down, Crouch, Climb

B - Jump

X - Rope

A - Bomb

Y - Throw bomb, Use whip


spelunkyds2.png spelunkyds3.png


Tested by the author with DeSmuME emulator and R4 card on a real Nintendo DS Hardware.

Also tested on melonDS and no$gba.

Known issues

Only 1 level is implemented and some minor bugs, but in any other aspect, the game is completely working and playable.


v1.13DSi++ 2018/10/08

  • The game got really stable now. Can play ~1 hour without any crash.

1.12DSi++ 2018/09/06

  • Fixed spider AI just a bit.

1.11DSi 2018/07/30

  • Added skeleton NPC, improved map generation.

v1.1DSi 2018/07/24

  • Added music.
  • Added exiting game (through the rope in main menu).

v1.1 2018/07/01

  • Shopkeeper, arrow traps, though a few irritating bugs.

v1.0 2018/07/01

  • Stable. No shopkeeper and arrow traps.


Tools that are used:

  • C++.
  • GNU Make.
  • libnds - as included with devkitPro's toolchain.
  • mappy.
  • desmume emulator, for testing and debugging.
  • R4 card for testing on a real Nintendo DS Hardware.
  • gimp, for converting to 256 color (8bit) indexed bmp/png.
  • The Spelunky source code (distributed by Derek Yu) for inspiration.
  • Spelunky assets, which are taken from the Spelunky Community Update Project (because there's no need for installing Game Maker).
  • CLion for editing.

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