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Volcano Browser
AuthorDisaster Studio
Last Updated2010/03/16

VolcanoBrowser (Chinese) is an internet browser that can display Simpilfied Chinese web pages.


  • Can be used for all DS models (DS/DSL/DSi/LL/XL).
  • SLOT-2 support is not required.
  • Does not support JS, ATX, CSS and other non-HTML languages.
  • Mostly touch input.


Extract archive to the root of your SD card and it should look like this:

  |- VolcanoBrowser/
        |- temp/
        |- sys/
        |    |- PINYIN
        |    |- update.vb
        |- temppictures/
        |- font/
              |- 4e009fa5.txt
              |- 2013203f.txt
              |- 30003029.txt
              |- ff01ff5e.txt
              |- ASC12
              |- HZK12

VolcanoBrowser.nds can be placed anywhere.

Before using, you will need to configure NDS WiFi using an online-capable game such as Mario Kart DS.

Also make sure that your SD card have at least 5MB of free space.

User guide


There is no page up function. When the page is turned to the lowest end, it will automatically return to the top of the page.

NDS is a single-threaded system, so please do not perform multiple operations at the same time, or operate too quickly, which may cause unknown errors.

Slow loading speed (comparing to Bunjalloo).

It does not support Traditional Chinese website and cannot view images.


Q. Crashes during use (usually)?

This could due to HTML code of the web page is too complicated for this program to read.

Q. It always shows that the WiFi cannot be connected?

If you're sure you've configured your DS's WiFi, you can wait for a few minutes and try again near the transmitter.

Q. It runs, but nothing is displayed on the screen?

Make sure the font file is placed at the correct location.

Q. I am sure I have entered the correct URL, but why can't I open it? Or just crash?

First of all, you may have entered a non-standard URL. For example, Firefox can access it even if you only enter baidu.

Or you are visiting a web page that uses JavaScript as a redirection page.

Or if the hyperlink you click is executed via JavaScript then even although it is displayed as a hyperlink, it would not work.

Q. Crashes when receiving web pages.

Generally, it is caused by the unstable surrounding WiFi environment or the slow server of the website itself.

If the receiving speed cannot be recovered for a long time, please restart or visit the website with a computer.

Q. Why do I fail to log in to the website, or freeze?

This could due to:

  • Website doesn't use cookies as authentication.
  • The data may be encrypted using JavaScript.
  • Overcomplicated login method.


Down - Page down (by line)

B - Page down (by page)

L+Start - Quit


Tested on DSTT with TTMenu kernal.

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