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Last Updated2012/03/31
TypeOperating systems
Version1.0 r3.5

Fishell is a complete shell that simulates an operating system (Windows environment). It includes features such as multi-desktop, multiple-users, a music player, image viewer, UMD launcher and dumper. The application supports French, Spanish, Catalan and English.

It was participated in the Scenery Beta 2011 (PSP Applications).


  • Multi-language support (French, Spanish, English and Catalan).
  • MULTITASK in the form of a window environment.
  • UMD launcher (running the UMD unit).
  • UMD dumper (save a backup of a UMD in MS).
  • Image viewer (compatible with PNG, JPG and GIF formats).
  • File Explorer.
  • Ability to open, rename and delete ms files from the explorer.
  • USB connection while using the shell.
  • Music player (compatible with MP3, OCG, AT3 and WAV formats).
  • Command terminal.
  • Multi desk (4 desktops for each user).
  • Possibility of changing the background of each desktop (with PNG and JPG files).
  • Possibility of creating shortcuts of the applications or of any file in any of the 4 desktops.
  • EBOOT launcher (allows homebrew to run anywhere in MS).
  • Possibility to show the preview of the shortcut of an eboot.pbp (homebrew).


D-Pad - Move cursor

L/R+Square - Switch from one window to another

Cross - Click

Circle - Back (back or remove)

Triangle - Right click (open popup)

Select - Modified fishell Home Menu


Fishell v1.0 R3.5 (Tecnologizados)



  • Support for Internet connections from the shell.
  • Now all the source code is available to the public (if using this code for another project proves to Fishell author).
  • New system to switch from one window to another by combining controls (pressing box + L or R).
  • Effects to add and remove shortcuts from the desktop.
  • New module exception manager (handles events generated errors and reports).
  • New system to FULL SCREEN mode applications (still incomplete).
  • System shortcut to switch between applications (Table + L or R to focus the next or previous application).
  • Added multiple selection feature in the file selector (R + X).
  • Support for bitmap images (.Bmp) (for now works only with low resolution images or upload the wrong image).
  • Function look at the desk when you leave the pointer on the small panel on the right of the Fishbar.
  • Support for patch (ms0:/Fishell/PATCH) (require to be programmed in Lua and formatted. Fpatch or. Lua).
  • Added full screen mode in the image viewer.
  • Added theme NINBUS shell (ms is set Fishell://USR/(user)/data.ini | change USR_TEMA "default" to "ninbus").
  • Reconstructed home of Fishell menu.
  • Fixed crash when opening corrupted images with the image viewer.
  • FUSA GAMEPAD enabled portal in installed programs section> portals.
  • Fixed minor bug in the module autoboot.lua.
  • Anti-aliased images in the image viewer (better definition to rescale graphics).
  • Support for installing multiple plugins simultaneously from the selector and File Browser (to avoid having to install one at a time).
  • Accelerated load to increase or decrease the scroll in the file selector.
  • Now you can select where to save the files to send via ms-ms.
  • Small fixes in languages.


zerozelta ( (Original fishell author).

DeViAnTe (Author of luaDEV interpreter).

Development team:

  • zerozelta (Code and graphics).
  • Kravenbcn (Webmaster and beta tester).
  • Kalidor (Contributor and beta tester).
  • DaniPhii (beta tester).
  • estiron (beta tester).
  • gdljjrod (beta tester).

Program authors included:

  • Dark-Alex & Mathieulh (Open Nand Dumper).
  • liquidzigong (Prometeus ISO Loader).
  • Andy Man (Fusa Gamepad).


  • Kravenbcn, zerozelta, kalidor, Maloy.

Thanks to:

  • deviant, xerpi, -chus-, snowy0, arber, cam-maker, Maloy.

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