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TypeOperating System
Version22 September 2006

Blue DS (mydsapp) is an application features the potential of Shoutcast Support.


  • A utility to find wireless access points, software packet capture and port scanner
  • A text editor notepad style but will soon delete
  • A like vnc to control PC
  • A calendar
  • A synchronization with the PC

User guide

Wifi Modules:

AP Finder (used to find and connect to a local AP)
Packet Spy (used to view data floating in the air, no recording and locks up every now and again)
Port Scan (can scan for open ports on a certian IP)

Shoutcast: (does not work really, but the code should help others)

Its needs to be changed from using the sync method of libmad, to a frame based version.
Has support for multiple list (hardcoded at the moment)

Scratch Pad: (will be removed)

Was going to be a simple notepad, but the Calendar should take its place.

Remote Desktop: (still a little buggy)

Connect to a PC (running the server program author made)


View a calendar and enter in text for a certain day. (this will sync with the PC app soon)

[Images not permitted - Click here to view it]


Wifi Settings.

Desktop Sync: (not implemented yet)

Will be used to sync up information between DS and PC (mainly for the calendar at the moment, but will also include other settings)

The main reason for the release is more for Developers who are having problems.

Dsblue2.jpg Dsblue3.jpg

To use the server program there should be a folder called "VB6" just run "DSServer100.exe" if user does not have VB6 (or missing DLLs).

Note: with the "Remote Desktop" and "Sync" just must Stop and Re-"listen" to connect back. It was kinda thrown together.

Note2: the Develpoer tab is used to create graphics and create code to use it.


With Stylus.

Known issues

This is more of a learning tool than a real project, so there are bugs. A Main one is when connecting to an AP you must use the "Connect" button twice (think its a problem with the WIFI Lib).

Shoutcast does not work. It will read station info, but playing has been removed.

Also the best way to use this, is by compiling the source if want to change anything. (uses the latest Wifi Lib, and devkitpro r19)