Space Impakto DS

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Space Impakto DS
Version2.0 Final

Space Impakto DS is a Bullet-Hell SHMUP (Space Shooter/Shoot'Em Up) with a devilish difficulty as the game progresses and 3D backgrounds.

It was ranked 1st in the GBAtemp Homebrew Bounty 2011 DS Category.


  • 2D gameplay.
  • 3D background.
  • Optimized texture use via texture packing.
  • Oldskool 8-bit/4bit sprites.
  • Newskool bullet hell gameplay.
  • Source included (use and abuse license but give credit where it is due).
  • Replay system.
  • Button config.
  • Varied and animated Bosses.
  • Proceduraly generated backgrounds.
  • Proceduraly generated 3d models.
  • 3 types of ships.
  • 2 Game Modes (Normal and Boss Rush).
  • Auto-bomb.

User guide

Shoot everything that moves. Try to destroy the boss as much as possible. There is a boss timer that will auto destroy the boss but you won't get a score bonus this way.

There is always a safe area no matter how crazy the patterns are.

About Replay:

  • Only available after 1 game( doesn't matter if you loose or not) or...
  • Also available when there is a saved replay on the flashcart.
  • Not available when you return to the main menu when the game is paused.

Score should be a little higher with autobomb set to off. If all else fails, don't move!


D-Pad - Move ship

A - Shoot

B - Mark/unmark enemies

Y - Enable/disable background

Start - Pause

Select - Start new game

Select+Start - Turn off console





Tested on:

R4i SDHC (firmware 2.7c)
EZ-Flash Vi (firmware 1.01)


v2.0.0 FINAL 09/21/11

  • Migrated code to latest DKP toolchain.
  • CPU controlled demo (wait 20 seconds in the main menu to activate).
  • AutoBombs "pick your poison" version.
    • When you use autobomb, you won't have bomb powerups at the end of the stage.
    • AutoBomb State is saved for future gameplay.
  • Saves are now incompatible with older versions.
  • Player name is saved for future gameplay as Cyan suggested.
  • Button Configuration is saved future gameplay.
  • Loop and Stage is displayed on the lower right corner.
  • Cheat c0d3z!!! Score is limited to 50k. Ask Wasim how.
  • Score bonus system changed.
  • Demo and Replay games skip the intermission as suggested.
  • Included some bragging rights in the splash screen for kicks.
  • Bug Fixes.


Programming: Richard Eric M. Lope BSN RN (Relminator).

Design: Anya Therese B. Lope, Relminator.

Art: Adigun A. Polack, Relminator.