Word Wrap

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Word Wrap
Author(s)bob fossil

Word Wrap is a DS version of a word jumbling game.


Download and extract file.

DLDI patch .nds file if needed (if your card does not have auto-patching), then copy it along with wordlist.dat to the root directory of the card.

User guide

Can you unscramble the given letters to make as many words as possible and reveal the mystery word?

Game modes:

  • Time Attack A - Rearrange all the characters to form the mystery word and unlock the next level, but remember you're against the clock.
  • Time Attack B - Find the required number of words to progress to the next level.
  • Endless - No clock, take it at your own pace.
  • Challenge 1 - Time Attack A on a specific word.
  • Challenge 2 - Endless on a specific word.

Each game mode can be played with three difficulty levels: easy (6 letter words) normal (7 letter words) and hard (8 letter words).

Add vocabulary:

You can add extra words to wordlist.dat using a text editor (needs Windows linefeeds).


Start - Pause

Up/Down - Change the game skin

L/R - Browse the words found


Quit button - Back to menu

Next button - Unlocked once found the current mystery word

Wrap button - Jumble letters to find new words




Works with an M3SD and an R4. It runs on No$Gba and Dualis as well.

Known issues

Doesn't save high scores.



  • Added two new game modes - Challenge 1 and Challenge 2 where you can play time attack or endless modes on a specific word.
  • Added exit to menu functionality.
  • Rebuilt with latest libnds. Should fix sound / mod playback issues.
  • Removed EFS code. Settings now saved to /data/wordwrap folder on your card.
  • Hopefully fixed nasty hardware only crash.


  • Current skin is now saved (needs DLDI patching).
  • Moved difficulty level into options screen. Difficulty level is now saved.
  • You can now choose between no sounds / just effects or full.
  • Game graphics are now skinned.
  • Sound effects weren't always being played.
  • Added credits screen.
  • Added options screen.
  • Updated icon.


  • Added pause.
  • Added music.
  • Added sleep support.
  • Added 'crossing' out gesture to quickly remove the submission word.
  • In Time Attack modes, you now get some time back depending on the length of word you submitted.
  • You can now tap a checked out letter to remove it from the current word.
  • The wrap button doesn't clear your submission any more.
  • Hopefully fixed bug where the game would lock up during 'thinking' stage.
  • In Time Attack A mode, if you unlock the level you are now advanced to the next stage when your time runs out.
  • Low time warning sounds weren't being played after you ran out of time and started a new game.
  • Fixed text on the objective screen for Time Attack B.
  • Fixed spurious inputting of a space in easy difficulty.
  • In Time Attack A, if there are multiple longest words, you only have to find one of these to unlock the next level.
  • Fixed wrong description being shown on the game selection screen after quitting.


  • New game modes - Time Attack A, Time Attack B and Endless.
  • New graphics from DarkanX.
  • New font.
  • Sound effects.
  • Much faster / accurate word generation.
  • Multiple difficulty levels.


  • Built with latest libnds - touch screen should be better.
  • Single filed the code - word list is now built in.
  • Word generation is a lot faster now.
  • Fix for words being skipped in certain circumstances during generation.


  • Added 'wrap' button to shuffle the letters around.
  • If you enter a word that's already in the list, it is now inverted to show you.
  • Removed plurals from word list to make list more managable and to stop screen overflows.


  • Switched to more readable font.
  • Improvements to word list generator.
  • Left and right shoulder buttons does 'back'.
  • Missing words for the current puzzle shown when you click 'new'.
  • You're now told if the word you entered isn't in the list or has already been found.


  • Initial Release.


The 12dicts package, for the wordlist.

DarkanX for the graphics.

Lizard for the title music .mod and TDK for the ingame music .mod.