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DSmash: Ruin Your Touch Screen!

Mini game that smash the bugs before cracking the screen.

User guide

In this game, flies will happily fladder around behind your touch screen, and you must get rid of them! How? Splat them with your stylus, of course! But beware: each time you tap on the Touch Screen, you will damage it!

How many flies can you kill before you need to send your DS to the Nintendo Product Reparation Service?


  1. I Can Swat Flies! (Kill ??? flies in one round)
  2. Average Bug Killer (Kill ??? flies in one round)
  3. Merciless Killing Machine (Kill ??? flies in one round)
  4. Experienced Player (Play ??? rounds)
  5. Poor, Poor Touch Screen (Crack Touch Screen ??? times)
  6. So Greedy (??? and use ??? powerups in one round)
  7. Undead Apocalypse (??? one ??? fly)
  8. LOLOLOL ZOMG H4X! (???)

There are powerups, 3 in total. They will fall down every now and then.

Clock: Stops fly's movement for a few seconds.
Bomb: Instantly kills the fly. Don't use on zombified fly, you won't receive the medal!
Wrench: Repairs 5 to 6 cracks.

Known issues

On a DSTT (TopToy DS) flashcart it appears to happen that saving does not work and the DS hangs. When rebooting the DS after the hang, DSTT fails to load one time. One more time rebooting and the menu works, though. Problem here is: SD Card will be damaged - files will accidentally be deleted and/or get corrupted. Strongly disrecommend to play this game on a DSTT flashcart.


Stylus - swat flies

L/R - use powerups



  • Even more file shrinking
  • All MP3s now have a 64 kbps bitrate, which is recommended
  • Changed title graphic, DS on top screen didn't look too well.
  • Edited font graphics
  • A couple of challenge bug fixes
  • A window will now pop up if you have completed a challenge (like in Brawl)
  • Changed some sound effects


  • Bugfix: Players could continue playing when game-over >.<
  • Bugfix: More saving and loading bugfixes
  • Bugfix: Menu stats - username now displays correctly
  • Added options screen! =3
  • Fixed Results screen bugs
  • Added intro
  • Added popups