GameBox DS

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GameBox DS
Author(s)Gwoin (Gwennael Buchet)

GameBoxDS is a game pack for the Nintendo DS. It contains 4 games: DS4, PingMine, DSFlower and Reverso.

GameBoxDS is developed in C++ and is based on the PALib, from Mollusk, for 2D and sound. 3D is developed with the libnds library.

It was part of the NEO Spring Coding Competition 2006, ranked 4th.


  • New menu in 3D
  • Additions of sounds
  • Level difficulties available in some games
  • Tutorial
  • Various tricks to right and left


  1. Download and extract file
  2. DLDI patch it and copy it to the root directory of the card

If you have a Supercard, please put the GameBoxDS.ds.gba file on your Supercard, and rename it to GameBoxDS.nds.

User guide

Each game has its own about page that explains how to play. To access this page, just click on the "?" icon on the bottom right of the bottom screen in the menu page of the game.



A mix between a MineSweeper and a labyrinth.
Help Marcel the pingouin to go to its igloo without falling in a hole. But there is a deep fog and the pingouin just know how many holes are around him. Put a flag where you think there's a hole, by pressing [A] + the direction pad. 5 levels of difficulty.


A "Power4" game.
Play versus the AI (15 levels of difficulty) and just try to align 4 pieces of your colour in a 7x6 grid.


Catch all the falling flowers before they touch the floor or you will loose a life.
But be careful, there are more and more flowers on the screen that are falling more and more quickly.And don't catch the the wrong flowers.


A grid of 3x3 white or black pieces.
The aim is to turn all the pieces from black to white.Touch a piece to return it (this will return some of is neighbours too).
At start, there is a minimal number of pieces to be returned before to win. Try to win in this minimal number.You can be helped in your choice by the AI of the game.


D-pad - turn the cube

X or Select - start the selected game



  • New start menu in 3D with a complete new gfx
  • Add sounds
  • PingMine: add timer, flags counter, better placement of the holes, correct some gfx.
  • PingMine: Possibility to move the difficulty level with the PAD (not only with the stylus)
  • DS4: Possibility to move the difficulty level with the PAD (not only with the stylus)
  • DSFlower: remade the about page


  • Add FlowerDS game
  • Best gameplay for FlowerDS


  • Add fog in PingMine
  • Modify some graphisms
  • Correct a bug in DS4 which draw "You Loose" when the player win the level ;^)


  • Modify some graphism in Reverso
  • more code in games 4 and 5


  • Finalization of some gfx in Reverso and PingMine


  • All the start code


Thanks to Carlos De Carvalho (for his great help in gfx)

Thanks to Mollusk's PALib

Thanks to NeoFlash's MK2

Thanks to DevKitPro

Thanks to Visual Studio