Sandbox Engine DSi-Hybrid

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Sandbox Engine DSi-Hybrid
Author(s)T3-Games-Zero (t377y000)
TypeShooter Other
Version1.0.4 (18 Jul 2017)

Sandbox Engine DSi-Hybrid is a remake version of the Sandbox Engine homebrew project. It has been recoded from the ground up, using devkitarm/libnds to utilize more of the DS/DSi features.



Up/Down - Scroll through menu

A/B - Select, Deselect/exit


D-Pad - Walk

Stylus - Look/Aim around

L - Run

Y - Change Held item

Select - Change Lighting


SandBox Engine DSi-Hybrid v1.0.4 (T3GZdev)

Sandbox Engine DSi - Hybrid v1.0.4 + Sudokuhax v1.1 (T3GZdev)

Sandbox Engine DSi Hybrid v1.0.2 on DS/DSi/3DS (T3GZdev)

Sandbox Engine DSi Hybrid v1.0.2 (teaser3) (T3GZdev)


Tested on DSi Sudokuhax v1.1.

Works on emulator No$gba and DeSmuMe.

Known issues

Low fps on map2 is taking a huge hit on the fps.

Motion blur does not appear to work in No$gba.



  • Bug fixes & code optimizations.
  • Changed title menu bg(forgot to add to 1.0.3 changelog).
  • Fixed water glitches in map1, & map4.
  • Fixed map5 terrain texture not loading properly.
  • Added scenery to map3.
  • Changed some building/house textures.
  • Minor changes to a few buildings & houses.
  • Map7 test loading texture by touching crate.
  • Can now run by holding the L button.
  • Enhanced the collision code in map7.
  • Bug fixes & optimizations to some map loading code.
  • Updated DS/DSimode detection code for update devkitARM r46 & libnds 1.6.0.
  • Updated & added more house model assets (will see more in next version).
  • Scrapped multiplayer & profiles option in menu for now.
  • Enhancements to the camera, controls, & draw distance.
  • Updates to the collision code.


  • FPS boost, fixed a blank bug (thanks Foxi4).
  • Rear plain is now as blue as the sky.


  • Makefile update.
  • Optimized some code & bug fixes.
  • Optimized & changed a few more textures & models (rid of a few graphical glitches).
  • Bricks, tiles textures were just made from scratch.
  • Major changes to map1, map2.
  • Replaced a glitched model.
  • Adjusted cameras.
  • Added video config option & audio option (testing).
  • Added outlining option.
  • Added motion blur option.
  • Added show game specs option (fps counter).
  • Added skybowl & fps counter to tps camera.
  • Added running to touch fps cam.
  • Small changes to map 3.
  • May 4 may look familiar (for fans of ds-dsi).
  • Added some more scenery to map 1, 2, 4.
  • New some fixes & changes to map 6.


  • Bug fixes, cleaned/optimized some code.
  • Map1, was originally used for only testing models, but now it feels more mappy.
  • Optimized a few textures & models.
  • Wifi test freeze fixed.
  • Tweaked some lighting.
  • Changes to d-pad fps cam, improved draw distance, speeded things up.
  • Slightly improved draw distance in touch fps.
  • Improved draw distance touch tps & removed player model, for now.

v1.0.0 (release)

  • Completely re-envisioned code, from scratch.
  • Optional camera controls 1st person, 3rd person, d-pad 1st person (testing).
  • Re-envisioned Menus/GUI (testing).
  • Improved graphics, lighting, more efficient textures.
  • Custom collision system (WIP).
  • Audio (WIP).

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