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YAPM (a) Plugins Manager
Last Updated2011/05/30

YAPM (A) Plugins Manager, stands for Yet Another Plugins Manager, is a homebrew application that helps keeping your PRX plugins organized without the need of PC. It is coded by Strangelove using the OldSchool MODv2 library, the MinPSP toolchain with the creator's own tools and libraries.

This is an entry from the PSP Genesis Competition 2011.


  • Graphical application with lots of eye-candy.
  • Statistics and help screen.
  • Configuration file.
  • Customization possible.
  • Toggle plugins on/off.
  • Edit lines with on-screen keyboard.
  • Remove and insert lines.
  • Move lines up and down.
  • Copy, cut and paste lines.
  • Save and load .txt files.
  • Unlimited lines and scrolling.
  • File selector to add plugins.
  • Creates .txt files if they don't exist.
  • Handles unix, macintosh and windows text files.
  • Automatically removes empty lines.
  • Can load and save to flash0 (if configured).
  • Online version check.
  • Multilingual: English, German, French and Spanish (automatic).


Extract folder and copy to ms0:/PSP/GAME/.

User guide

Menu options

INFO On this screen you get some basic usage help.
STATS Displays basic plugins statistics.
CMD Command menu.
VSH Plugins that are active while XMB is running.
GAME Plugins that are active while a game is running.
POPS Plugins that are active during a PSX game.


This application can be configured by editing yapm.cfg. More detailed information can be found inside the file.

You can configure the .txt files you want to edit, the corresponding menu items and you can also set the seplugins path to use.

It is possible to use Flash0 Plugin loader v2 by changing the setting flash0_writeable. This requires a HEN to be loaded and also you need to make sure you have flash0 protection disabled.

Note that some settings are taken from the system registry such as the default language and the Access Point that was last used to access internet.

If Japanese locale is detected then the configured font and font source is ignored, and Japanese font is automatically selected.

You can also alter the colors used in the application by editing default.col. This filename can also be changed allowing you to switch between different color sets.

You can change the translations by installing the partypak and edit the relevant file in the lang subdirectory.


L/R - Navigate the main menu

Up/Down - Select a PRX plugin

Left/Right - Quickly jump 5 lines at a time

Cross - Toggle the plugin on/off

Square - Edit entries

Circle+Left - Remove line

Circle+Right - Insert line

Circle+Up/Down - Move line

Triangle+Left - Copy

Triangle+Up - Cut

Triangle+Right - Paste

Triangle+Down - Opens the file selector

File selector:

D-Pad - Navigate

Cross - Select a file

Circle - Abort

Triangle - Go back to parent folder


How to get YAPM for PSP (Plugins) (SiL3nTG3O)


Version 0.60

  • Made it easier to scroll through large lists with left and right.
  • File selector with configurable initial path.
  • File selector sorts and filters results.
  • Put translations into TXT files so they can be edited more easily.
  • Select between 4 plugin configuration sets. Set 0 is the active configuration, and sets 1-3 is archived plugin configurations.
  • Plugged a big memory leak.
  • Code cleanup and updated english translation.

Version 0.50

  • Made theme sets for colors (finally).
  • Temporarily disabled network stuff until I can put it to good use.
  • Disabled redundant screenshot function.
  • Moved command menu to it's own tab.
  • Simplified configuration file.
  • Always use Media Engine. It works in user mode on OFW >= 2.0.
  • Fixed CWD bug caused by thread amnesia.
  • Japanese font is now mandatory for japanese locale.
  • Replaced extended permissions edition with a kernel module.

Version 0.45

  • Possible to sign homebrew.
  • Smooth online check.
  • Fix some contrast issues.
  • Fix crash caused by trying to write to write-protected media.
  • Extended permissions edition. (Can write to flash0)

Version 0.40

  • Workaround for a sound bug.
  • Background music possible.
  • Added sound effects.
  • Added sine-wave effect.
  • Added 3D cube effect.
  • Added command menu.
  • Gets language and last used AP from system registry.
  • Improved contrasts for readability.
  • Added proper Spanish language by Equis.
  • Added online version checking.

Version 0.30

  • Customization possible.
  • Multilingual.
  • Added proper German language by Nightfox.
  • Added shitty google translations for French and Spanish.
  • Unlimited lines and scrolling.

Version 0.21

  • Fixed a bug in the paste function.

Version 0.20

  • Added configuration routines.
  • Copy, cut & paste lines.
  • Move lines up & down.
  • Overwrite support to CPIO library.
  • Cleaned up PBP & CPIO libraries.
  • Cleaned up SEPLUGIN library.

Version 0.10

  • Initial version for the PSP Genesis competition.


Strangelove - Software development and anything else not explicitly credited to someone else.

Nightfox - German translation.

Equis - Spanish translation.

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