DS Battery Life Timer

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DS Battery Life Timer

This homebrew app helps you measure your (3)DS's battery life and compare results across different flashcarts and systems. This avoids you from having to wait beside the (3)DS all day checking on it to get an accurate time. The app accomplishes this by saving the elapsed time every 5 minutes for later recall.

User guide

Extract and load this app into your flashcart. Make sure to completley charge your system.

Turn on your system, run app, and press A (or Start then one of four D-Pad buttons).

Set your system aside and let battery drain out. Plug system in, run app again and press B to see results.

Notes from developer:

Flickering black border at the top of screens is normal and is the result of app pushing the hardware to better simulate retail game battery life. This can be removed by using no sound modes 2 & 4. But battery drain is not as real-world as when sound processing is engaged.


A - Start the timer

B - View the result of the last test


R4DS, AK2i, DStwo, and R4iLL Green tested working. 3DS tested and working w/ AK2i and DStwo.



  • Works on 3DS now. Modes 3, 4, and 5.
  • Graphics changed. (icon, videos, title screen).
  • Five testing modes (press start at title screen for menu): -- sound/nosound -- 3ds/ds -- screen lighton/lightoff .
  • Less flickering.
  • Less chance of crashing.


Music: Surrounded by Your Friends by Hooray for Earth.

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