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TypeMusic Application

GlitchDS is a homebrew Cellular Automaton music sequencer for the Nintendo DS. It is for creating IDM and Glitch style loops. R4DS is required for using this application.


  • Customizable Cellular Automaton sequencer
  • Create your own “trigger points”
  • Load in your own sounds
  • Save and load your work
  • BPM settings, or “strum mode” for controlling tempo
  • Up to 6 sounds can be loaded at once
  • Each sound has its own 32 step frequency modulation sequencer
  • Global Distortion setting

User guide

glitchDS is organized into different pages.

Sequencer control: glitchDS has a 32 step sequencer based on the “game of life“. After 32 mutations, the sequence starts over.

Trigger configuration: How does the sequencer know when to play a sound? Triggers! A trigger specifies what should happen when a certain node on the sequencer graph changes from 0 (black) to 1 (white).

Choose sounds: The choose sounds page allows you to assign a sound to one of the “swatches” (otherwise known as the little colored boxes at the top of the screen).

Clock control: The clock control page lets you set the BPM (beats per minute) of the sequence playback. The BPM is approximate.

Frequency modulation: You can modify the frequency (pitch) of each sound via the frequency modulation page.

Distortion settings: A rapid fluctuation of the sound’s frequency

Save/load: Save current “song” along with all settings.



start - toggle between starting/stopping the sequencer
L/R - switch between pages

Sequencer Control:

Draw on bottom screen to “seed” the cellular automaton pattern
Y - clear sequencer pattern
Left - decrease sequencer length by a power of 2
Right - increase sequencer length by a power of 2
A+Left - decrease sequencer length by 1
A+Right - increase sequencer length by 1

Trigger Configuration:

Draw on bottom screen to place triggers for cellular automaton sequencer
Y - clear triggers

Choose Sounds:

Up - scroll up to previous sound
Down - scroll down to next sound
X - page up to previous page of sounds
B - page down to next page of sounds
A - load sound into selected swatch

Clock Control:

Up - increase BPM by 1
Down - decrease BPM by 1
Right - increase BPM by 10
Left - decrease BPM by 10
Y - toggle between strum mode and BPM mode

Frequency Modulation:

Y - reset all frequencies to 22,100
B - reset all frequencies to NOTE OFF
A+Up - shift all frequencies up
A+Down - shift all frequencies down

Snapshot Files

A - load selected snapshot
B - save current song as new snapshot
X - save current song as selected snapshot (write over selected snapshot file)
Y - delete selected snapshot file
Left - save current song settings as a new version of selected snapshot file



Demo 2


Works on:DSLinker, DSTT, CycloDS Evolution, Acekard 2, EDGE, DS-X

M3Real pack: but you need to load it using Slot 2/the GBA slot. (Which in turn requires you to have such a GBA expansion pack)
M3DSreal with system software 3.7 using DSOrganize
On the NAND memory of the “AceKard R.P.G” card
Games & Music card after DLDI patching
EZ Flash 5 after patching the DLDI driver