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Version28 July 2007

Quiz game on the literature, which contains 1600 in total.

It was presented in the Dev-fr Coding Compo 2007 sponsored by DS-X, ranked 5th in the Game section.

User guide

For each question, there are choices between 4 answers, which only one is right answer.

Top Screen: able to look at evolution on 20 parts.

Bottom Screen: stats of all parts, with the total of the number of part, your best score, the worst score, the total number of good answer, the total of bad answer, and the total of appeared flash.


In red the bad answers and in green will be represented the good answers. So that the histogram is clearer, the red and green colors, are equipped with 2 nuances which are posted in turn for a better legibility.

A histogram to know the evolution of the percentage of good answer is present on the screen top and on the right.

When you pass the battery of the 20 questions you have the right has a synthase your answers, with a comment for the 21 possible notes (0 to 20).

To help you, at the end of 30 seconds a flash to erase a bad answer, and if you wedge always, 30 seconds later a news bad answer will be unobtrusive. No penalty for the flashes.


Stylus or X Y B A - answer the questions

Right - run of left background

Up - change the form of the background (4 forms available)

Low - change the color of the background (6 colors available)

R - music on/off (2 musics available)


Update July 28

  • Corrections of errors in the questions.
  • Correction of the histogram to change in the game
  • 100 + questions, total of 1600 questions now.


Thank mainly Fagal, Mr Andrews and Reppa for their aid at the wording of the questions.

Thank you for Mollusk.

A big thank you to the various testers.