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ThomDS is a Thomson MO5 Computer emulator. This emulator is not based on the sources of an existing Thomson emulator but relied on the information contained in Mess, DCMO5 by Daniel Coulom and emul5 by Edouard Forler.


  • Most things expected from an emulator.


Note: To use this emulator, you will need to prepare compatible K5/K7/ROM files.

Download and extract file.

DLDI patch the .nds file and copy it the directory you want on flashcard/SD/MMC card.

Put k7/k5 and rom files in the directory of your choice.

User guide


When the emulator starts, click on the tape to choose a file. Use Up/Down to select a file, then use A to load it. ROM files are automatically executed.

To insert a file into the cassette/cartridge player, just click on the player and choose the file.

Loading a program

For Basic program, type RUN "" (then Enter).

For Basic and binary program (games, commercial software), type LOADM "" ,, R (then Enter).

Or you can type LOADM.

Compatibility list

You will find below the list of K7 and ROM files which may or may not be compatible with ThomDS.

Play = Playable, Spd = Speed, Gfx = Graphics, Snd = Sound

Thomson MO5 .K7 file compatibility list
K7 Name CRC ThomDS Submit By Play Spd Gfx Snd
Arkanoid (1987) (FIL) .k7 18C86289 3.0 Lichoheadj No okay okay okay
Arkanoid (1987) (FIL) .k7 18C86289 3.0 Omegas16 No okay okay okay
Avenger (1986) (FIL) .k7 4187026A 2.0 Jason_Raub No okay okay okay
Diamond Mine, La (198x) (Infogrames) [b1] .k7 F4C549B2 3.0 Valentine No okay okay okay
Cassebrique (1986) (Christophe Vaillant) (PD) .k7 707A1FDC 3.0 Valentine Yes okay okay None
the-human-body-mo5.k7 85FD4D3C 2.0 Alekmaul Yes okay okay okay
YETI-MO5.K7 9646972A 3.0 alekmaul Yes okay okay okay
Thomson MO5 .ROM file compatibility list
K7 Name CRC ThomDS Submit By Play Spd Gfx Snd
ATARIOSB.ROM 3E28A1FE 2.0 niels Yes okay okay okay
the-house-of-amedee-mo5.rom EC111E92 2.0 Alekmaul Yes okay okay okay


Stylus - Keyboard

D-Pad - Direction for keyboard

A - 0 Key

B - L Key

X - Shift Key

Y - Basic Key

X+D-Pad - Move screen (Extend mode)

R/L - Stylus mode

Start - Enter Key

Select - Space Key


thomds2.png thomds3.png


V3.0 2010/03/21

  • Use of last devkitarm r18 and libnds 1.4.3.
  • Add English menu.
  • Add option to go back to DS menu (if possible, otherwise DS is power off).
  • Modification of sound management.

V2.0 2009/01/04

  • Graphic mode with alpha lerp to improve display.
  • Update intro like my others emulators.
  • Now use standard FAT and DLDI library.
  • File sorting and upgrade list to 512 files.
  • Add sending of game compatibility with wifi.
  • Improve buzzer emulation (try Vox synthesis software to see that).
  • Improve speed display (direct access to vram and assembly use).
  • THOMDS directory is no longer mandatory, files can be where you want.
  • Add MO5 save state (load/save state) with 999 files per tape.
  • Add tape cursor move.
  • Stylus mode with R & L.
  • Improve stylus management on screen.
  • DS Sleep mode management (a closed lid pauses thomDS running).

V1.1 2007/01/25

  • Add RESET with stylus on the real RESET key on MO5 (near the MO5 logo).
  • Speed x2.
  • Add joystick management (mapped on the DS pad and A button).
  • Keys saved with games with option menu (.KBD file), loaded automaticaly when the game is loaded.

V1.0 2007/01/18

  • Initial release.


Mess, dcmo5 and emul5 authors.

Members of forum for the help and the support.

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