Metroid - Escape Mission PSP

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Metroid: Escape Mission
AuthorChus (samuschus)
Last Updated2014/06/26

Metroid: Escape Mission is a Metroid fan game for the PSP.

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Samus returns to the planet Zebes with a mission to recover the power source, same that was used for the creation of the powe suit by the ancestors chozos and stop investigations zebesianos (space pirates) cloning Metroid's, led by Ridley and prevent a powerful attack after called "Invasion of Zebes"...



D-Pad - Move options

Cross - Accept, Enter

Circle - Return

In game:

D-Pad - Move character

Start - Pause

Cross - Jump

Square - Shoot

Triangle - Missile Shooting

Circle - Supermissile shooting







Metroid: Escape Mission v2.5 (Chus Zamora)



  • Added English language.
  • Changed the model gunship.
  • Added the power source.
  • Improved AI of the enemies (they can now see and feel).
  • Improved the drop from enemies.
  • Minor changes in the Menus.
  • Re-designed and increased stage.
  • Changed the motion system of the stage to scroll.
  • Updated icons.
  • Added the Power Bomb.
  • Added a BOSS (RIDLEY).
  • Code cleanup.


  • Sound quality has been improved.
  • A new author introduction has been added.
  • More sound effects have been added to the game.
  • More visual effects have been added to the game.
  • Samus and enemies movement speed reduced by 20%.
  • Two new enemies have been added.
  • The damage done by enemies has been changed and increased.
  • Improved Samus's collision with enemies (added a small effect).
  • Missile and Super Missile capacity increased by 5.
  • The energy limit has been set to 99.
  • 3 energy tanks have been added.
  • Added the icons for the 3 energy tanks and re-arranged the one for the missiles.
  • Added the energy ball that resets our energy when an enemy dies (when our energy is at 100% and some tank is empty, the energy we take will go to the tank until full).
  • Crouching has been improved (no need to hold down pad anymore).
  • Added Morphball feature.
  • Added Charge Beam function.
  • The game stage has been made longer.
  • Minor changes have been made to parts of the stage.
  • The pause system has been changed (it now shows Samus's statuses).
  • Minor graphical changes have been made to some of the game's menus.
  • Added flicker animation on energy icon when below 30%.
  • Added a mini-scene when the planet is going to explode.
  • The Gif Lua Hmv2 library of the Toños coder has been discontinued.
  • The quality of the graphics has been reduced due to ram on the PSP 1000 (it's a shame).
  • 40% of the code has been re-done.
  • Code cleanup has been done.


  • Fixed some small details in the scenarios in question on the ground level and the mountains in the background.
  • Small bugs have been fixed on the character in question with the cannon and left arm.
  • Added better movement to different forms of jumping.
  • A new enemy has been added.
  • The movement of the enemies has been improved (now they are more real).
  • Crouch (hold down the pad) action has been added to the character.
  • Added battery flicker animation when below 10%.
  • Battery levels have been detailed.
  • Animation frames have been improved.
  • A small sound has been added in the presentation, and when moving through the menu options.
  • The loading speed of the entire game has been improved by 40%.
  • Graphics in most menus and in the eboot image have been re-designed.
  • Code cleanup has been done.

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