Battle of the Worlds

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Battle of the Worlds
Last Updated2009/01/24

This is a 2D Fighting game made with PAlib for the NDS. It consists of many characters and levels. The reason it is called Battle of the Worlds is because in this game, each character or level comes from a different world.


Download and extract file.

DLDI patch .nds file and copy it with folder /botw_custom/ to the root of flash card.

User guide

Battle of the Worlds is the ultimate fighting game. Have you ever played a game where you thought of the perfect character?

One that you thought should be in the game, but isn't? How about a level?

A level that, once again, should have been in the game, but wasn't?

Well guess what? You just found the perfect game for you!

Battle of the Worlds is a homemade game that solves those problems.

Using the tools that are provided, you can easily convert own levels and characters into .bin files, and then load them into the game.

Load custom level

Create the level (instructions are in the readme in the tools folder), then navigate to botw_custom.

  • Once in the folder, go to levels, rename either lv1 or lv2 to something else.
  • Create a new folder with the original name of the previous folder.
  • Put all of the .bin files from pagfx into this folder.
  • Create a new text file using the same name as the folder.
  • Add the following information in the text file, all on one line (replacing details for your custom level):
lvname groundfile skybackground extrasbackground collisionmap width height

Load custom character

Create a character (instructions are in the readme in the tools folder), then navigate to botw_custom.

  • Once in the folder, go to characters, rename the chara folder to something else.
  • Create a new folder named chara.
  • Put the characters _Texture.bin file into this folder.
  • Now create a new text file called chara.
  • Put the following line into the text file, replacing details for your own character (width/height means the original width and height for the gif file, not the png file):
charactername characternamefortexture(without the _Texture.bin) speed width height


Game created by GEMISIS.

PAGFX and giftoframes created by The Creators of Palib.

Mario sprite, Hyrule level, and Mario level all belong to Nintendo.

Special thanks to the creators of Palib.

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