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Constellations DS
Last Updated2007/07/28
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Constellations is a planetarium for DS Nintendo DS. The objective is to assist learning and recognising patterns and the names of constellations. It includes the 88 modern constellations, with each of them stars up to at least magnitude 5, and the 110 Messier objects.

It was presented in the Dev-fr Coding Compo 2007 with the theme Evolution, sponsored by DS-X, ranked 2nd in the App section.


  • View the sky and move around/zoom.
  • Select one star to get his name, address and its magnitude.
  • Display the image of a Messier object, and find a constellation or a specific star.

User Guide

Main Mode

  • The display information is located on the top screen of the DS, and screen representing the sky on the lower screen. This mode allows you to move, zoom and select a star or a Messier object.
  • The information screen provides information about viewing the sky and the star/Messier object selected.

In each frame, from top to bottom:

  • Name of the constellation/Number of Messier object.
  • Name of Star/Object Name Messier.
  • Position (right ascension in hours: minutes, declination in degrees: minutes).
  • Apparent magnitude in the visible.
  • Image of Messier object selected.

In the bar at the bottom of the screen from left to right:

  • Zoom Level.
  • Right ascension of the center of the screen in hours: minutes.
  • Declination of the center of the screen in degrees: minutes.
  • Size of field of view in degrees x depth (width x height).

About the positions

  • The positions are purely illustrative and should not be used as source for telescopes pointing accuracy. They are nevertheless sufficient for most amateur and instruments for observing with the naked eye.
  • Because of the limited technical capabilities of the Nintendo DS for calculations trigonometric precision of the position is the order of one minute of arc.

About the magnitudes

  • The magnitude of the objects are given for information. Their accuracy is about hundredth of magnitude.
  • The magnitude of 5.00 is shown a magnitude limit intrinsic to the application; So if a star is displayed with a magnitude of 5.00, one must understand magnitude ≥ 5. This does not apply to the Messier objects.
  • All-Star Constellations DS should be visible to the naked eye, a beautiful night without excessive light pollution.

Screen sky

  • Sky on the screen are displayed the stars and Messier objects, and the constellation lines and a grid if enabled in options.
  • Each star is represented by a filled circle whose size depends on the magnitude of the star (the star is more brilliant, more the circle is large).
  • Messier objects are represented by circles. No formalism for existing lines of the constellations, they are given for information to better recognize and memorize the constellations by their form. The grid step is 1 hour in right ascension and declination of 15 degrees.


Stylus - Select, Control speed

Up/X - Zoom in

Down/B - Zoom out

Left/Right/Y/A - Quickly move from one constellation to another, or Messier object to another

Select - Switch constellations and Messier objects

R/L - Access mode menu (change options, look for constellations and stars, and enlighten you in the dark night)


constellations2.png constellations3.png


Version 0.8 2007/07/28

  • Added 47 constellations Cetus, Eridanus, Orion, Unicorn, Little Dog, Hydra, Sextant, Cup, Raven, Hare, Canis Major, Puppis, compass, tire machine, Burin, Dove, Furnace, Sculptor, Southern Fish, Microscope, crane, Phoenix, Sails, Altar, Rule, Wolf, Centaur, Compass, Southern Triangle, Telescope, Southern Crown, Peacock, Southern Cross, Indian, Toucan, Hydra Male, Clock, Reticle, bream, Table, Painter, Hull, Fish wheel, Chameleon, Fly, Bird of Paradise, Octant.
  • Added full documentation in French.
  • Supervision of the name of the star selected in the search and display its magnitude on the upper screen.
  • Fixed some graphical bugs (constellations that were displayed more) and code cleaning.

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