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Academic Aid Scholastic Suite 6
Last Updated2008/03/21

Academic Aid Scholastic Suite 6.0 is an educational homebrew application written by Mr305. Original name was Phyalgeom Aid.

The main mission of this application is to allow students to get straight to the answer without the need of note taking sheets or making any additional calculations. It spans a total of 45+ Equations, in areas of Algebra I, Algebra II, Calculus/PreCalculus, Physics I and Physics AP and any type of math with use of inbuilt calculator.

It was participated in the Neo Summer Coding Compo 2007 (PSP Applications, 4th place) and Neo Spring Coding Compo 2008 (PSP Applications).


Copy the folder AcademicAid6 in the the extracted archive to either one of the following path.

  • ms0:/PSP/GAME/ or
  • ms0:/PSP/GAME390/ or
  • ms0:/PSP/GAME3xx/ (where last digits stand for Kernel version)
  • (ms0: the root of the Memory Stick that appears during USB Connection Mode)

Launch from XMB inside GAME menu.

Note: The Kernel should be set to use 3.xx when using GAME folder.

User guide

Simply inputs the variables for most formulas/equations and it does pages of tiresome work automatically.

Current Implementations are as follows.


This covers topics ranging from Algebra I, Algebra II and Calculus/Pre-Calculus.

1) Quadratic solution and statistics of Axx+Bx+c equation.
2) Statistics of two points (Distance, Midpoint, Slope and Cartesian Graph).
3) Find Square Root, Cube Root or Nth root of an integer.
4) Arithmetic Sequences.
5) Geometric Sequences.
6) Logarithm solver.
7) Find Determinant of 2x2 matrix.
8) Find Determinant of 3x3 matrix.


1) Newtons law of universal gravity.
2) Average Acceleration from velocity and time.
3) Final Dist from Initial Distance, time , velocity/speed and (Optional) acceleration.
4) Final Velocity from Initial Velocity/speed, Distance & acceleration.
5) Distance of projectile thrown straight up/down.
6) Maximum Height/X-Range (the horizontal distance) of a Projectile [w/ Angle].

  • Shows The maximum height that can be attained.
  • Shows the maximum range the object can reach.
  • The X-velocity.
  • The Y-Velocity [before reaching peak height].
  • The final Y-Velocity after reaching the peak height.
  • The Final vector of the projectile.
  • The time to reach the peak [total time = peak time * 2].
  • All values are shown in degrees.


1) Lateral and total surface area and the volume of a cylinder.
2) Lateral and total surface area and the volume of a Sphere.
3) Lateral and total surface area and the volume of a Hemi-sphere.
4) Lateral and total surface area and the volume of a cube/cuboid/cylinder.
5) Area of a triangle from 3 sides [i.e the herons formula].
6) Area of an equilateral triangle.
7) Radians <-> Degrees conversion.

The inbuilt-Calculator

This makes use of RapidInPSP input system to create a Fully functional four function calculator with Square and Cube Root finding capabilities; the result is a compact and easy to use calculator thats, infact, portable.

Version 6 (Suite 6) also supports motion kit, please refer to the enclosed PDF for more details/tutorials.





Rev. 761 > Rev.769

  • Idea Implemented in 10 Min: After a subject is selected, Text doesn't immediately show up. It's STYLISHLY fades ONTO the screen (pgeFont Pseudo Transparency illusion effect).
  • SRC released as a seperate package.

753 > 761

  • Improvements to Motion Kit Driver (reduced Delay after init. to 1 sec. For now, No sideeffects, report any Problems, PLEASE).
  • Wasn't satisfied with Blackboard, enhanced lightning on it a lil' more.

749 > 753

  • Improved Blackboard a little more.
  • The titles and functions of Convert Radians to Degrees were interchanged. Fixed.


  • Motion Kit support added.
    • Tilt PSP Up or Down to navigate between items.
    • Can be used for Scrolling in equations like Quadratic formula and geometry of two points.
    • Full sound + motion.
    • Makes a notification when it has been unplugged or not inserted during start up.
  • Numerous Usability fixes in Calculator.
  • SQRT and CBRT function has been implemented in Calculator.
  • Extensive GUI changes.
    • New BlackBoard Subject selection display algorithm.
    • Improved and SMOOTHER animations.
    • Removed Annoying fades when switching between screens.
    • New PIC1.png & ICON0.PNG.
    • Removed compression artifacts on BlackBoard.
    • Improved Background.
    • New navigation sounds.
    • New text color scheme.
  • Switched to Kernel Message Box systems; removed Old "Press Triangle for Credits" message.
  • Added two new formulas: Find determinant of 2x2 matrix or 3x3 matrix.
  • A newer implementation of Quadratic Graphing with new GU method; removed old VRAM pixel based graph and it was INVERTED.
  • Bug fix in Quadratic Solution where factoring wasn't done correctly.
  • Improved Load times but SIO initializing code neutralizes the speed.

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