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AuthorMichael "Chishm" Chisholm
Last Updated2008/09/10
TypeROM Patchers

DLDI is the Dynamically Linked Disc Interface for Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS. It works as a part of libfat to allow homebrew programs to read and write files on the memory card inserted into one of the system's slots. It has also been implemented for GBA_NDS_FAT and DSLinux.

Mostly required for homebrew programs that rely on libfat to load external files (such as source ports and emulators), implement save/load features and record high scores for different flashcarts.

User guide

Supported cartridges

DLDI support is defined as, at a minimum, the ability to patch a .nds file for a specific cartridge. Virtually all cartridges support DLDI either officially or via third-party intervention. Most cart developers have advanced beyond manual DLDI patching in various ways, such as automatic DLDI patching. Some carts that are compatible with the interface include the following:

EZ-Flash IV
EZ-Flash V
G6-Flash (Lite)
M3 Adapter (CF)
M3 Adapter (SD)
Max Media Dock
GBA Movie Player (CF)
GBA Movie Player (SD)
NEO flash MK2 & MK3
Ninja DS
NinjaPass X9
M3 DS Simply
Supercard (CF)
Supercard (SD)
Supercard Lite
Supercard DS One

DLDI patches for different flashcarts are available from the official site.

How to use

By default, homebrew that utilizes the DLDI framework will probably work on a specific device (the one the author uses) but can be patched to work with any device listed in the devices section.

Some devices will patch the homebrew for you automatically when it is loaded. Just try the ROM to see if it works with your device. If it does, then great. If not, you will need to patch the file before transfering it to your device. In this case, after downloading the DLDI-enabled homebrew, you need to patch the .nds or .ds.gba depending on what device you are using.

First you need to download the DLDI driver patch for your device. Go to the devices section, find your device and download the .dldi file.

Next you need to obtain a patcher that can run on your computer's operating system. Go to the tools list and download your prefered tool and follow the given instructions.

Once you have patched the .nds or .gba file, you can copy it to your memory card and run it from your DS.


Alternatively you can use DLDI Right Click (DLDIrc) written by PsychoWood.

It is an automatic DLDI patching program that adds itself to your right-click menu for .nds and/or .gba files.

The programs installer includes most DLDI driver files for most flash kits, allowing you to click any .nds (and also .gba or .bin, if you wish) file within Windows and patches it with the DLDI file of your choice, without the needs to download the DLDI patch files separately.

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