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The Good Bookr
Last Updated2012/02/17

The Good Bookr is a Bible reader for the Sony PSP, based on the open source Bookr ebook reader.

Unlike other Bible releases for the PSP, The Good Bookr is a standalone compiled program, not a set of images or web pages. This is because a major goal of The Good Bookr is to provide a robust search interface which lends itself to Bible study. The Good Bookr uses SQLite to store, search, and retrieve Bible texts. It also uses Danzeff OSK for the search interface.

It was one of the contest entries for the Neo Summer Coding Compo 2008 (PSP Applications, 2nd place).


  • Load a specific book, from Genesis to Revelation.
  • Search by keyword, chapter, or verse.
  • Bookmark individual chapters and verses.
  • Navigate via book and chapter.
  • Configurable controls.
  • Select font face and font size.
  • Customize font and background colors.
  • Rotate the text to read vertically.


For Firmware 3.x:

Copy the goodbookr folder to /PSP/GAME/.

For Firmware 1.5:

Copy /goodbookr/Bible/ and /goodbookr/graphics/ to __SCE__goodbookr.

Then copy __SCE__goodbookr and %__SCE__goodbookr to /PSP/GAME/.

User guide

Bible Translations

The default Bible version packaged with the Good Bookr is the King James Version.

You can replace other languages. Download, extract, and replace the original Bible file with the one in the archive (links are available from the official webpage).

Note that Bookr does not support unicode, so characters with diacritical marks like the umlaut (ä,ö,ü etc.) and the eñe have been converted to their plain english equivalents.

Search Types

  • Partial Word - A search for "kin" would match "kin", "king", "skin", "walking" etc.
  • Full Word - A search for "kin" would match only "kin".
  • Chapter or Verse - A search for "7" will open chapter 7 of the current book. A search for "10:5" will open chapter 10, verse 5 of the current book. A search for "gen 5:7" will open Genesis chapter 5, verse 7. * For the latter, full book names or abbreviations are valid.

A complete list of acceptable book abbreviations can be found from the official webpage and in the readme file.


Defaults (configurable):

Triangle - Open search menu

Square - Previous chapter

Circle - Next chapter

L/R- Previous/next book

Up/Down - Scroll one line

Left/Right - Scroll ten lines

Select - Open bookmarks/options

Start - Open main menu

Search feature (not configurable):

Up/Down - Move through search history, Remove history item

Left/Right - Move text cursor

Select - Cancel search

Start - Accept search






bookr psp homebrew review (thecfwgenguy)



  • Remove Neo splash screen.
  • Fix several bugs with Strong's Concordance integration.
  • Add Tagalog Bible.

v1.2 neo

  • Look up the original Greek and Hebrew words using Strong's Concordance.
  • Cross reference Greek and Hebrew words.


  • Search by book, chapter, or verse, with support for book abbreviations.
  • Search history (similar to command line history).
  • Option to search entire Bible (can be slow, use accordingly).
  • Danzeff numeric pad modified to make searching for verses easier.
  • Single search result opens directly instead of opening search menu.


  • First release.


Many thanks for the excellent work which made this possible:

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