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Really Annoying Level Game
Last Updated2011/04/29
TypeOther Games
Versionrev 6.1

Really Annoying Level Game, also called RALG, is a casual homebrew game made by (|EcLiPsE|). It is based on an idea that the game becomes annoying and hard with every level.

This was submitted to the PSP Genesis Competition 2011.


  • 15 Levels.
  • Save function.
  • Achievements.


Copy the folder from the archive to /PSP/GAME/.

For signed version, delete eboot.pbp and rename eboot_signed.pbp to eboot.pbp.

User guide

You can choose which level to play from the level selection menu, or play any ramdomly selected level.

Additionally there are 2 game modes for random levels.

  • Mixing levels in 5 of 5 - It mixes the first 5 levels and then the next 5 levels of your current one (shown in the option menu) so the hardest levels won't be at start.
  • Enable - Completely random, it mixes all the levels with a chance that the hardest levels will come first.

Save function and Achievements can be found in option menu.


D-Pad - Navigate

Cross - Choose selected option





Tested on PSP 2000 with TN-hen.


REV 6 2011/04/29

  • Added 3 new levels.
  • Added 2 new infinite levels.
  • Improved the random level function.
  • Added a finish to the game with credits.
  • Added a save function.
  • Added Achievements (in options).
  • Added 10 Achievements.
  • Fixed some bugs.

REV 5 2011/04/26

  • Added option menu.
  • Added random levels with 2 modes (enable it from option menu).
  • Added 2 more levels.
  • A little graphics improvements.
  • More stable.

REV 4 2011/03/22

  • Added to go to main menu if it pressed the start button.
  • Added 2 more levels.
  • More levels at the level selection (isn't much).
  • Added the signed version (tested and confirmed working).

REV 3 2011/02/24

  • Added 2 more levels.

REV 2 2011/02/23

  • Added 2 more levels.
  • Level select done.
  • You can't hold down a button (square or cross) done for all levels.

REV 1 2011/02/20

  • Created with 2 levels.


(|EcLiPsE|) for the code, CiosaBoy for the ideas of the game.

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