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Vampire Knight DS
AuthorAGT Team
Last Updated2021/12/05

This is a full English translation patch of Vampire Knight for the Nintendo DS made by the Anime Game Translations Team. Released in 2009, the Vampire Knight DS game offers a glimpse into the hidden world of Cross Academy as it’s never been seen before.

Step into the shoes of series protagonist Yuki Cross, and patrol the academy’s grounds as you keep an eye out for any who would threaten the peace. If you manage to protect the Night Class’s secret, they might just teach you a few secrets of their own. But remember - your neck is on the line.


Game information
Japanese title ヴァンパイア騎士DS
Aliases Vanpaia Naito DS
English title Vampire Knight DS
ROM information
File Vampire Knight DS (Japan).nds
Serial CVPJ
Size 268435456
MD5 CA3EEB6F8ED5F332A99498BB874F10FE
SHA-1 40AB058B49D75B20490CF407AD1FE42671C8EBDE

Rom Dump Compatibility:

  • This patch is in xDelta format. It is designed to work with a 100% correctly dumped ROM (CRC: ED8A5F4A).
  • If your ROM is a bad dump (CRC: 1CB4B97C), you can apply the bad_to_good.xdelta patch before applying the translation patch by following the guide below.
  • To check which ROM you have, use Online ROM Hasher to compare the values.

Method 1 - Patching with Delta Patcher:

  • Extract the file, and run either DeltaPatcher or DeltaPatcherLite.
  • Original file should be your copy of the ROM, as an .nds filetype.
  • For XDelta patch, choose the VampirePatch.xdelta file.
  • Hit apply patch, and you're good to go.

Note that this will overwrite your original file. If you'd like to keep a copy of it instead, change the settings by clicking the cog icon, and tick Backup original file. This will create a new --PATCHED.nds file instead.

Method 2 - Patching with online ROM patcher:

  • Upload your ROM using the Choose File button where prompted.
  • Select the patch that you wish to apply.
  • Click Apply Patch, and wait for the download to complete. You should now have a patched copy of the ROM, labelled -input source- (patched).


  • An "xdelta3: target window checksum mismatch: XD3_INVALID_INPUT" error may occur when trying to patch the incorrect ROM.
  • Make sure that your ROM isn’t already patched, else apply the "bad_to_good_dump.xdelta" patch to the bad dump BEFORE applying the translation patch.
  • Alternatively, using DeltaPatcherLite, change the settings (next to the "Apply patch" button) and make sure that "Checksum Validation" is unticked.

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At the prestigious Cross Academy exists a special group of students known as the Night Class, who hold a dark secret.

Based on the hit anime/manga series of the same name, the game features an original story which places players in the shoes of Yuki Cross, guardian of the school. Along with her usual duties of patrolling with Zero and keeping the Day Class under control, Yuki can also accompany the Night Class on various events, and discover a whole new side to many fan-favorite characters.

Translation notes

In the original game, players were able to enter a custom name (default 黒主 優姫 Cross Yuki), which would then be used throughout the game whenever a character addressed the protagonist. This name had a limit of 3x3 characters, which was unable to be extended. After much consideration, the custom name feature was removed, and all entries were hardcoded as Yuki Cross.

Due to technical limitations, the translation team had to limit the character count in the minigame menu descriptions and the item shop. This undoubtedly led to some awkward translations and a loss of the original flavor, but these should not affect the overall enjoyment of the game.


vampirepatch3.png vampirepatch4.png

vampirepatch5.png vampirepatch6.png


Vampire Knight DS English Trailer (AGT Team)


Play this file on an emulator such as DeSmuME, or use a flashcart to play it on any member of the NDS family.


Vampire Knight DS English Patch:

  • Hacking - Illidan.
  • Translation - Phantom, Haribeau, clover.
  • Proofreading - Reira.
  • Special Thanks - z3tzilla, Dariya.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the hacking specifics or translating the game into another language, the source code and compiled program covering both text and image extraction/repacking can be found here.

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