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AuthorMichael Smith
Last Updated2008/12/30
TypeRole playing
1.03 & 1.16 & 2.53 Download

FAangband, also known as First Age Angband, is a DS homebrew roguelike RPG. The game is a variant of Oangband (based on Oangband 0.7.0), which in turn is a variant of Angband.

User guide

Different from Oangband, there are new varieties of Elves, Dwarves and Men. Dwarves as a whole tend to have better Intelligence than Wisdom; the reverse is true for (most) Elves and Hobbits. Different races also have significantly different starting conditions.

There are multiple towns, small and large, spread throughout the wilderness. Each race starts in its natural town.

There are multiple dungeons (five, to be precise). At the bottom of each is a guardian, who can only appear there or in special circumstances (which you may be able to guess) be summoned.

The first specialist ability (and second as well for warriors) is still learned at the beginning, but the two others each become available on killing a dungeon guardian. It is possible to ignore the other dungeons and head straight for Angband, but there's a heavy price to pay.

Some addtional notes on setting options:

  • Automatic options - Term-1=messages
  • Suggested options - auto_more, center_player


L (quick) - Toggle keyboard

L (hold) - Direction Pad overlay

L+Key - Shifted key

L+D-Pad - Run

R - Toggle zoom

Default key bindings:

X - Esc

A - Return, Accept

B - Attack nearest, Rest

Y - y (yes)

L+B - Fire ammo 0 at nearest

L+R - Button/key editor


faangband2.png faangband3.png


2.53 Tuesday 2008/12/30 01:19:07 EST

  • Buttons now double-buffered (prep for user moveable buttons).
  • Keypad cardinal directions now send arrow keys (allow moving in menus that have digit accelerators).

2.52 Sunday 2008/12/28 14:51:11 EST

  • New button editing mode. Squelch on identify.

2.50 Wednesday 2008/12/10 21:43:25 EST

  • Minor eye-candy (scroll windows during switching).

2.48 Tuesday 2008/12/09 23:01:53 EST

  • Inventory command reordering.

2.46 Tuesday 2008/12/09 22:36:43 EST

  • Messages wrap in Term-1 (hack). Dialog box explaining changing bindings.
  • Some mods to transparency.

2.45 Monday 2008/12/08 21:17:23 EST

  • When a button is touched, no term mouse event will be generated.

2.44 Sunday 2008/12/07 14:18:46 EST

  • Fixed problems with button names/loading/saving. Might need to delete BUTTONS.DEF in faangband/nds dir.

2.42 Sunday 2008/12/07 00:14:54 EST

  • Turned off skipping game button for keys that have a user button.

2.41 Sunday 2008/12/07 00:07:48 EST

  • Fixed direction pad being duplicated due to save/restore of user buttons.
  • Button revamp coming.

2.39 Saturday 2008/12/06 23:36:37 EST

  • Buttons no longer overlap each other. Spell formatting changed. Spells listed automatically when casting.

2.38 Friday 2008/12/05 00:59:21 EST

  • Initial support for fully configurable buttons/keys on the fly.

2.36 Thursday 2008/12/04 17:44:47 EST

  • Added date to relnotes.

2.34 Thursday 2008/12/04 17:22:59 EST

  • Fixed button-garbling problem when leaving help. Started some transient button additions.

2.33 Wednesday 2008/12/03 14:05:57 EST

  • Fixed bug in overlay.

2.32 Wednesday 2008/12/03 12:30:31 EST

  • Overlay improvements. Configurable buttons.

2.31 Sunday 2008/11/30 21:18:31 EST

  • Redefine user buttons (top-right 4) by scrubbing them! Saved to file.

2.30 Sunday 2008/11/30 00:21:40 EST

  • Lots of changes to buttons hooks etc.

2.29 Saturday 2008/11/29 15:57:27 EST

  • Hooked into button code.

2.28 Friday 2008/11/21 08:24:47 EST

  • Overlay button highlighting. Touch action on release instead of press.

2.27 Thursday 2008/11/20 21:03:51 EST

  • Add some buttons...

2.26 Thursday 2008/11/20 20:57:25 EST

  • Extend overlay interface... experiment with palette changes.

2.25 Thursday 2008/11/13 22:07:32 EST

  • Translucent overlay experiments.

2.24 Thursday 2008/11/13 21:06:11 EST

  • Added some NDS informative messages (B key). Added L_KEY shift, made shifted directions run (experimentally).

2.23 Thursday 2008/11/13 20:29:44 EST

  • Added MOTD. Fixed string text_dims re multi-line strings.

2.22 Sunday 2008/11/09 17:38:09 EST

  • Nothing to see here, move on.


  • Simplify direction key processing... added diagonal movement*


  • Minor leanup to zoom switch.
  • Keys now repeat (direction keys and auto attack 'B' key).
  • 'B' key rests if no monsters nearby (fixed: move NW bug).


  • Substitute 10x14 font for 8x12 for zoom.


  • R now toggles a zoomed display.
  • Y now sends 'y' --- useful for 'y'/'n' prompts.
  • L toggles keyboard as before.
  • A = return.
  • X = esc.
  • B = attack/move towards nearest enemy (functional but needs tuning).
  • Prefs now default to messages displayed in Term 1 and auto_more on (for new characters --- existing characters need to modify their own options).

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