Flags & Nations

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Flags & Nations
Version1.0 15/9/2009

Flags & Nations is a Nintendo DS homebrew that offers 9 amusing minigames based upon flags and nations.

User guide

The game can be played at 2 levels: in easy mode only the G20's flags are proposed, in standard mode all the 197 defined flags are used and the difficulty increases.

Besides to minigames Flags & Nations allows to look up the flag's archive, it offers the possibility to check onto the map the position of the flag's related country.

There are 9 games in total:

The 1st game: Match the proposed flag to the nation, selecting it with the stylus.

The 2nd game: Write the letters that compose the nation's name. An help key is available to see the flag.

The 3rd game: Select on the map the capital city of the nation related to the proposed flag. Using the stylus you can scroll the map.

The 4th game: Write the name of the nation whose letters are showed in random order. Pressing the help key you can see the flag.

The 5th game: Paint the proposed flag selecting the colors on the palette and touching with the stylus the area to paint.

The 6th game: Press the rotation key to adjust the flag position, then go to the next flag.

The 7th game: Remember a flag's sequence and then select with the stylus the requested one.

The 8th game: Match the proposed nation with its flag, selecting it with the stylus.

The 9th game: It is a puzzle, compose the flag moving its parts with the stylus. Selecting a cell, it moves on the empty one.


All controls are done by stylus.


Tested on: FlashCard TTDSi with firmware 1.17