Pasatiempos DS

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Pasatiempos DS
VersionBeta 1.5

Pasatiempos DS is a homebrew with two puzzle games: word search puzzle and sudoku. Players can create their own dictionary for word search puzzle. Two difficulty levels are available for Sudoku. The contribution was originally made ​​by the author on the EOL website.

Other features includes music, time clock, counter punctuation.

User guide

Word Search Puzzle

Solve the puzzles in the shortest time possible. There is a limited time of 10 minutes to look for words.

When we find a word on the board, press on the first or last letter with the stylus and drag to the other end of the word (the letters will change with color) to be removed from the list, moving to be highlighted on the board and adding a point to our score.

Customized Dictionary:

Player can create own dictionary by editing the sopas.txt. Each customized puzzle must not exceed 20 words and not have more than 15 characters.

sopas.txt has this format:

SOUP_START -> indicates the beginning of file
* XxXxX -> Title of the puzzle
+ YyYyY -> First entry
+ BbBbB -> Second entry
SOUP_END -> indicates the end of file

Cheat: Use the A button to move to the next puzzle.


The game is to fill each box with a number, not to be repeated either in the same quadrant (3x3 and surrounded by red lines) or in vertical or horizontal direction on the board.

There is a ability to undo (and redo) all mediating movement functions Undo/Redo.

There is also a mechanism by which if incorrectly Sudoku is completed, it will use the Undo function so automatic, to go to the previous move to where we made the mistake (this is only done when all boxes are occupied by numbers).

Two levels of Sudoku are available: The Easy and Fucking. The clock displays the minute yellow when above 10 minutes and red when exceeding 15.

Cheat: If you despair much with the games, you can use a hidden mechanism debugging is to press the L + R and B.


Stylus - Press on the letters, icons on the touch screen to activate

Word Search Puzzle:

RESET - restart game (same theme, but the words vary from position)

PLAY - continue a game with new puzzle

Close Lid - power saving mode and stop time

Start or Open Lid - back to game


Tested on: Flashcard iTouch2 with firmware 3.0