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Flashme is a firmware replacement for both the DS and DS Lite. It allows you to start code in DS mode from a flash card in the GBA slot, looks and acts the same as the original DS firmware except for the fact you will not need a Passme or Passcard to boot DS roms anymore.

The standard version of Flashme removes the DS intro screen (including the Warning screen) when booting up. If you wish to keep this boot up screen please use Flashme_Stealth, which leaves it intact.


Flashme files:

  • Normal version - Boot-up logo and safety warning are removed.
  • Stealth version - Warning screen is left intact.
  • NoFlashMe Uninstaller - Not recommended for DS Lite.
  • No autoboot (stealth) - PASS check is removed. SLOT-2 is only booted when holding the Select button.


  • GBA Flashcart.
  • AC Adapter.
  • A Passme2 and Compatible game/Passcard device.
  • Screwdriver to open the battery lid
  • An insulated conductive tool to bridge the SL1 connection.


  • Unscrew the battery cover on your fully charged DS/Lite and plug in the AC Adapter.
  • Boot up the flashme install file with your Passme2/Passcard and flashcart.
  • Press the button combination to begin the installation.
  • Bridge the SL1 connection.
  • Wait until the installation reaches 100% before turning off your DS.

Additional notes:

  • Have your DS fully charged before beginning.
  • Insulate your flashing tool with something non-conductive.
  • Remember to hold your DS battery in place during the installation to avoid it falling out.
  • If the installation has begun do not turn off your DS until it reaches 100%.
  • To upgrade to a newer version, just run it. You don't need to uninstall the previous version.


  • Failsafe code is written into the first few blocks of firmware, in case the flashing procedure gets interrupted or malicious software overwrites part of your firmware.
  • You may consider to run flashme or noflashme to repair it.
  • More information is available here.

User guide

When a flashcart is inserted into the DS's GBA slot flashme will detect it and automatically boot to the flashcart menu not the original DS menu. If you don't want to boot to the flashcart when you turn it on hold in Select as soon as you power on your DS, It will then go straight to the normal DS menu. Alternatively if you don't have a flashcart inserted your DS will boot up exactly like normal.


Select - Override boot to firmware, boot SLOT-2 (No-autoboot version)

A+B+X+Y - Boot from SLOT-2

Start+Select - Boot directly to SLOT-1 or SLOT-2




GBAtemp.net Flashme Guide (mandiller)

DS Lite Flashing Tool (gamerman1723)



  • Added audio cues to tell you when it's flashing.
  • Removed MK2/3 booting code, because it was causing problems.
  • Noflashme updated to fix issues with DS Lite.
  • Made a "no autoboot" version that won't boot SLOT-2 unless A,B,X,Y are held.

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