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Author(s)Moonlight, Infantile Paralysiser
TypeMultimedia player
VersionVer2.10 stable

MoonShell is a homebrew multimedia player for the Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS lite, Nintendo DSi, and Nintendo 3DS. It is a well known, popular piece of Nintendo DS homebrew software, and offers a way to play videos and audio on the DS, along with other homebrew games.


Support file formats

Music formats: MP1, MP2, MP3, OGG, WAV, M4A, AAC, WMA, TTA, MID, RCP, R36, FLAC


Chiptune formats: SPC, NSF, GBS, HES, AY, SAP, KSS

Playlist formats: M3U, WPL

Picture formats: JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, PSD

Support DPG movie files.

Support text files.

Limitations concerning format

NDS: Not support commercial NDSROM files.

WMA: Not support 'loss-less' and 'voice mode' format WMA files.

M4A, AAC, WMA: Not support encrypted files.

MID: Not support 'Standard MIDI file format.2' format.

SPC: Tone quality is very bad.

Chiptune: Only the first track is performed. The FM sound chip cannot be emulated.

Playlist: Support encode is ANSI, S-JIS, UTF-8, CP437, CP850, CP1252.

Text file: Support encode is ANSI, S-JIS, UTF-8, UTF-16BE, UTF-16LE. Auto detection only.

Information is displayed in the file list. MP3, Jpeg, BMP, PSD, DPG only.


  1. Download and extract the Moonshell package to a folder on your computer.
  2. Download the DLDI file for your card and move it into the DLDI folder that was created in the first step.
  3. Download this tool: Win32_GUI
  4. Plug your card into your computer
  5. Start setup.exe
Which can be found in the folder that you created in the first step
  1. Choose your card for Destination in the list and click OK.
  2. Click on the button "All clear" and check the tick box for your card.
  3. Click on the button Setup.
  4. Moonshell will install itself to your card.
Once the copy has finished unplug your card from your computer.
Launch your card in your DS and start the Moonshell app.

Basic Control

File list

Up / Down / Left / Right - Move cursor.

A button - Open file.

A button long. - When music file, Open music player.

B button - Stop music.

X / Y button - Change volume.

START button - Open system menu.

START button long. - Delete this file.

SELECT button - Open sub menu.

SELECT button long. - Get screen capture (Excluding DSi)

Text reader

Up / Down - Line scroll.

Left / Right - Page scroll.

A button - Page scroll.

B button - Back to file list.

X / Y button - Open bookmark save or load menu.

START / SELECT button - Open setting window.

Image viewer

Up / Down / Left / Right - Screen scroll.

A / X / Y button - Change zoom ratio. (Y=50%, X=200%, A=100%)

B button - Back to file list.

START button - Set to background image.

SELECT button - Open setting window.

L / R button - Start direct moving mode.

Movie player

Left / Right - Previous or next 5sec seeking.

Up / Down - Previous or next 30sec seeking.

A button - Toggle pause

B button - Back to file list.

START / SELECT button - Open setting window.

X / Y button - Change volume.

Screen capture

The screen capture can be preserved by keeping pushing the SELECT button for three seconds or more on an arbitrary screen. NDS stops when succeeding in preservation. Please open the made BMP file with Windows. When the memory is insufficient, it is not possible to make it.

Misc tools

AutoDLDIPatch Auto DLDI patch tool for not DLDI patch firmware.

DPGTools Movie encoder.

DPGTools_AltVer Movie encoder. (old safe?)

HandWriteModelsManager Hand write models manager for text editor.

ImageViewer Album (IPK) maker.

JacketImageConverter Jacket image maker.

MakeBGPack Slide show bg-pack file maker.

MakeSplashAniForMS2 Splash anime file maker.

MoonMemo Readme of memo.

MoonShell2_AlternativeLoader When failing in the start, this boot loader is used.

PluginsText Plugin attached text files.

SetPassword Simple boot password setting tool.

SkinTool Skin maker.

sndeff Sound effect converter.

SoundFont8bit Low quality and small size, sound font file for software MIDI emulator.

Common Problems and Known Issues

A bug that FileTrip Download Link moonshell sometimes stops in playing DPG isn`t fixed this time. Message file update of notepad and submenu isn`t done yet.



  • Playback of MDX (software emulation so sound is worse than MDXOffline)
  • Play only audio in movie
  • Output audio in movie to ROMEO2
  • If you press A longer, you can select playback mode and playlist editor which is valid in the same folder.
  • ChannelsMapSelector was added to SELECT submenu (you can edit moonshl2.ini to modify langauge and number of content)
  • Drastic update in MoonMemo (Check Right/Left, X/Y)
  • Fixed a bug that thumbnail wasn`t updated after modifying real image
  • Added equalizer to music player. Use R+Up/Down/Left/Right or touchpanel to modify. (same for ROMEO2)
  • Fixed a bug that auto DLDI patching wasn`t applied when you launch big homebrew.
  • You can control music playback in screen saver. Listen to sounds like "PiPi".
  • Modified behavior of play icon. If you exits the folder which has music file currently played, FileTrip Download Link moonshell shows note icon on the folder.
  • Added ScreenSaver_ShowClock/ScreenSaver_ShowMusicInfo to moonshl2.ini [FileList] section to switch whether to show screensaver clock and music info.
  • Fixed a bug that SJIS text couldn`t open in textreader if the memory wasn`t enough.
  • Fixed a bug that jacket image wasn`t shown when you back to filelist from music player.
  • If you put cursor on BMP file, FileTrip Download Link moonshell shows simple preview.
  • In prompt to input new filename, you can erase all by pressing B but also cancel by pressing START/SELECT.
  • DPGEnc parameter was modified for recent CPU. You can encode 2-5x faster.
  • Updates in text editor
  • Added "create new file" to SELECT submenu.
  • default setting in textedit.ini was modified. Left/Right ends of Prediction conversion window are connected in default (only for jap)
  • Now text editor saves clipboard. You can paste to another file.
  • Arrangement of buttons in Kana mode is reversed in left/right.
  • You can paste not only by pressing R button but also by pressing L button (L+X/Y are reserved for backright so only L+Up/Down/Left/Right are OK)