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Last Updated2010/02/05
TypeSave Managers and Editors

With UsrCheatUp, you can update the cheats database on your flashcard directly from your DS. It requires a full working WiFi Internet connection already set up on DS.

It was entered into the 2009 best DS homebrew contest.


Download and extract file.

DLDI patch the .nds file and copy it to the root directory of the card.

After the first time launching it, UsrCheatUp.nds will create the configuration file UsrCheatUp.ini in the root matching your card type (if you are updating from an older version you have to delete the old one).

User guide

Supported cheat database

  • EDGEcheats.DAT
  • user.evoCHEATS


You can edit the configuration file if you want to change the save location, the auto power off function or the file to download (v1.5 and above).


  • 0 (usrcheat.dat)
  • 1 (user.EvoCheats.dat)
  • 2 (EDGEcheats.dat)
  • 3 (ezarcode.dat)
  • 4 (cheat.db)
  • 5 (Cheat.xml)
  • 6 (CHEAT(J).DAT)
  • 7 (CHEAT(UE).DAT)
  • 8 (CHEAT.DAT)


NDS Cheat Database and Backup maintained by Narin.

Game list can be found here.


Version 2.9 2010/02/05

  • Support for the new firmware EOS for Supercard users (usrcheat.dat).

Version 2.7 2009/10/08

  • Fixed issue with DSOne and M3i previously not auto-dected.
  • Added program update system: press X to check if an UsrCheatUp update is available, then press start to update or B to go back.

Version 2.6 2009/09/25

  • Fixed an issue where you get an Error as it starts downloading the changelog.

Version 2.5 2009/08/14

  • Support for SCC files (Supercard).
  • German translation finished.

Version 2.4 2009/06/23

  • Touch screen: touch on 'Changelog' to see the credits, touch on arrows to scroll the list.
  • Added support for some cards (U2, and a couple of R4 clones).
  • Started the German translation using Google Translate (need some help).

Version 2.3 2009/04/25

  • Fixed all the changelog issues.

Version 2.2 *red screen fix* 2009/04/10

  • Changed the changelog.txt download source, this is a temporary fix.

Version 2.2 2009/03/30

  • Fixed the changelog visualization issue in 2.2 beta.

Version 2.2 (beta) 2009/03/25

  • Removed 'gbatemp=' option.
  • Various bugs fixed.

Version 2.1.3 2008/12/30

  • Added iTouch support.
  • Fixed a problem with "cheats.xml".
  • Added Spainish language (German still missing).

Version 2.1.2 (beta) 2008/11/13

  • Fix for EDGE: Rename "EDGEcheats.dat" in "cheats.dat".

Version 2.1.1 (beta) 2008/10/11

  • Fixed wrong changelog displayed if 'gbatemp=1'.
  • Fixed decompression displaying bug.
  • Now UsrCheatUp tell you if your cheat DB is up to date or there's a new update available.
  • Multilanguage support based on DS settings (Spanish and German missing: translators needed).
  • Improved changelog visualization (arrows).
  • Changed the label 'Latest Changes' in 'Changelog'.

Version 2.0 2008/10/11

  • Added possibility to abort the download (changelog and cheats) with B button.
  • Improved the changelog visualization.

Version 1.5 2008/08/27

  • Zip support (Thanks Aurelio).
  • Sound.
  • Now you can check the strenght of the WiFi signal.
  • Switch On/Off the AutoPowerOff function with L button; green=on / red=off (only before starting the update).
  • You can scroll the changelog with UP and DOWN buttons (only before starting the update).
  • Added support for other cards type: CycloDS, EDGE, EZ, M3Real, G6Real.
  • New voices in the ini:
    • 1. cht_file: 0(usrcheat.dat) - 1(user.EvoCheats.dat) - 2(EDGEcheats.dat) - 3(ezarcode.dat) - 4(cheat.db) - 5(Cheat.xml) - 6(CHEAT(J).DAT) - 7(CHEAT(UE).DAT) - 8(CHEAT.DAT).
    • 2. gbatemp : can be set to 1 (download from gbatemp) or 0 (download from my web page); only for usrcheat.dat, the others will allways download from gbatemp.

Version 0.9 2008/06/12

  • Added simple GUI.
  • Now you can see, on the lower screen, the latest changes of usrcheat.dat by Narin.
  • Added progression bar for download and decompression.

Version 0.7 2008/05/29

  • Auto configuration for R4, M3, N5, Acekard RPG, Acekard2 and DSTT (If you are upgrading from 0.5 before use 0.7 you have to erase the old configuration file).
  • Added power off option at the end of the whole process.

Version 0.5 2008/05/25


Cheats: The file is created by Narin from

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