List of Vita homebrew applications

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Media players

Title Description Author
Soon Soon Soon


Title Description Author
VitaBackup Vita Tools for backing up all your Vita's data. joel16
PSTV Whitelister Removes "blacklist' for Vita, PSP & PS1 set in place by Sony. Kankertje
rinCheat Assistant This is a tool to assist with making your cheat file for rinCheat red7s
Vita Save Manager Dump / Restore for PSVita game save d3m3vilurr
VitaTester A homebrew utility by SMOKE for testing the Vita buttons. SMOKE
VitaScreenFlasher A utility for the PS Vita to the screen by SMOKE. SMOKE
VitaFTP VitaFTP VPK with logo. unknown
MemCardSwap with Icon Just SMOKE's latest tool with a simple icon Smoke
MolecularShell MOD MolecularShell MOD for v0.6. Smoke
PSDK3 Fork of Estwald's PSDK3v2 with added vitasdk support zecoxao
vitadump This homebrew can dump some PS Vita shared modules kozarovv
mDump 3.60 - vitaDump Fork Used to dump all Vita modules, a fork of vitaDump atreyu187
LUAIRC luaIrc is an IRC client for PS Vita wrote with Lua Player Plus Vita, allowing you to chat with your friends whenever you want. rinnegatamante
Vita Moonlight Client Moonlight allows you to stream your collection of games from your GameStream-compatible PC to Vita xyzz3336
Vita Activator Re-Activate your content on 3.60 with HENkaku ZombieWizzard​
Lua Player Plus GUI A simple to use GUI for Lua Player Plus gnmmarechal
Lua Player Plus Vita A Multi-Platform LUA interpreter for the PS Vita / PSTV running the HENkaku Exploit. Rinnegatamante ​
SyringE PoC A plugin for developer use dots_tb 
Better Amphetamin Better Amphetamin Plugin! [Battery Level + Reaming SoT] BeatPlay
uo_amphetamin A little "patch" for amphetamin plugin by Rinnegatamante Rinnegatamante
VitaShell Theme Manager VitaShell Theme Manager is a simple and userfriendly gui to apply themes for the flow's VitaShell.(versions 0.85 and above)​ Ruben_Wolfe
Vitamin Allows backing up and restoring games for Vita game cards. TheFloW, Major Tom, mr. gas
MaiDumpTool Allows backing up games for Vita game cards. Chinese Version. unknown
VitaShell VitaShell is a file manager for PS Vita HENkaku. theflow
molecularShell Disguisers MolecularShells which spoof to be a Vita game and free param.sfo's, dont forget to delete history and errorlog after installing. TerraCadenceRedux
Battery Indicator Display battery icon on the psvita UI. Ruben_Wolfe
rinCheat A multifunction/cheat plugin for PSVITA. Rinnegatamante
AccountSwitcher  An app to swap PSN accounts on a single SD card with Vita Activation elpendor​

Operating systems

Title Description Author
Soon Soon Soon


Title Description Author
Soon Soon Soon


Title Description Author
Vita Restart Vita Simple app to restart your Vita/PSTV by devnoname120 devnoname120
Psvita-java Vita Run Java/Kotlin Natively on the PSVita generating C++ with ARC instead GC using Jtransc. soywiz
VHBL PBOOT Installer Pack Simple tool to install PBOOT.PBP in to psp exploit game folder N/A
Simple Text Editor A Simple Text Editor made with Lua player plus (LPP jakibaki
Button Swapper This homebrew allows you to swap X/O button assignment. xyzz
Libvita2d Simple and Fast (using the GPU) 2D library for the PSVita xerpi​
vita portlibs Portlibs for the PSVita xerpi​