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NDS Save File Converter
TypePC Utilities
Version2.6 (24 Aug 2011)

This program was developed for converting NDS save files.



  • .Net Framwork 2.0 or 4.0.
  • Windows (Vista or 7 prefered, XP may or may not work).

It is recommended to backup saves prior using the converter.

User guide

Supported save types

  • Action Replay DSi
  • Action Replay Media Edition
  • Action Replay MAX
  • Acekard 2
  • Acekard RPG
  • EZ Flash V
  • RAW Format
  • CycloDS
  • EGDE
  • M3 Simply
  • NinjaDS
  • R4
  • Supercard CF
  • Supercard DSONE
  • Supercard SD
  • Top Toy DS
  • G6 DS Real
  • DeSmuMe


2.6 Alpha

  • The conversion is fixed, and plugins are now updated.
  • This is no longer the "NDS Save Converter", but the "Generic Save Converter that happens to have NDS formats built in".
  • Plugins no longer go in the /Plugins folder, but in the /Plugins/Format folder. Example, included is a GBA plugin in /Plugins/GBA. Developers can put plugins into folders like this, so they can use the converter to convert ANY kind of save file that has a raw format that comes in powers of two (256KB, 512KB, etc) and with a size less than 128MB.


  • Added simple batch conversion (advanced options possibly comming soon).
  • Added plugin function, so 3rd party developers can add their own save file formats.
  • Lots of internal changes.

v2.1 Beta

  • Remembers Open/Save dialog locations separately (unfortunately, only for the current session).
  • Improved stability of reading game names of multi-save save files (ex Mario.1.sav, Other Game Name.7.sav).

v2.0 Beta

  • Rewrote program to be more efficient, and hopefully faster; added new look; added new supported features for save formats: save formats are no longer limited to one or all sizes, a range is now supported. Example: the M3i Zero use a RAW 512KB save file, but some games need a 1MB save file.


  • evandixon, for making this tool.
  • Matt140 for making the ARDSi/Media Edition convertion code, without which, it would not reach the kind of ARDS MAX support it has.
  • Shuny at for having the original save converter that inspired me to make this tool.