Retro Rocket

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Retro Rocket
Author(s)Asbjørn Djupdal, Morten Hartmann

RetroRocket is a high paced action game inspired by classic gravity games like Thrust and the amiga game TurboRaketti II. It is a game designed for Nintendo DS and requires a homebrew compatible flash card.


  • Single and multiplayer games
  • All original TurboRaketti-II maps
  • All original Thrust levels
  • Real time strategy mode
  • New two-player Thrust-like games
  • Autogeneration of maps
  • Menus with stylus support


  1. Download and extract the archive to your DS flash card
  2. Make sure the retrorocket_data directory is in the root directory of the flash card or, alternatively, under /data
  3. Place the .nds anywhere on the flash card

User guide

RetroRocket support four different game mode:

TurboRaketti Survival: the player who still has lives left when the others are dead wins the game.
TurboRaketti Kills: reach a certain number of kills wins the game.
Thrust: pick up the balls and carry them to outer space.
Strategy: conquer opponents by destroying their home platform


Right - rotate to right

Left - rotate to left

A - accelerate, confirm (menus)

B - go back (menus)

R - shoot


Random crashes in network games:

The library does not fully tolerate alien network traffic on the same wireless channel. If you experience random crashes, change your network channels. Make sure all players use the same channel.

Can not find rooms:

The library does not fully handle the use of rooms. If you experience problems with finding each others rooms, all players should restart their DS. Also, make sure all players use the same network channel. Channel 11 is the default channel, and not all DS units support changing the channel.


Game creators and developers: Asbjørn Djupdal and Morten Hartmann

Additional code: Marius Grannæs, Kyrre Glette and Bjørn Magnus Mathisen

Original game music: Karstein Djupdal

Ideas, game testing and documentation: Magnus Jahre