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Last Updated2011/05/14

Mr Do! DS is a Mr. Do!, Mr. Do's Castle, Do! Run Run & Mr. Do's Wild Ride arcade emulator. To use this emulator, user needs to use several MAME's rom.


Note: In order to use this emulator, you will need to obtain MAME rom (Mame 0.132 compatible romset needed).

Download and extract file.

DLDI .nds file and copy it to the root directory of the card.

Put the MAME's ROM files at the root or in the /MAMERoms/ subdirectory on flashcard.

It's possible to display differents marquees (.mrq) for each games. Files resources must be copied in the same roms's folder (root or in the /MAMERoms/ subdirectory on your flashcard).

User guide

Supports DSi mode. Emulate 19 games (included clones and sets). Can add many images for the MrDo DS UI in option here (recommended).

Supported sets

Name ROM Parent ROM
Mr. Do! mrdo
Mr. Do! (prototype) mrdoy mrdo
Mr. Do! (Taito) mrdot mrdo
Mr. Do! (bugfixed) mrdofix mrdo
Mr. Lo! mrlo mrdo
Mr. Du! mrdu mrdo
Yankee DO! yankeedo mrdo
Mr. Do's Castle (set 1) docastle
Mr. Do's Castle (set 2) docastle2 docastle
Mr. Do's Castle (older) docastleo docastle
Mr. Do vs. Unicorns douni docastle
Do! Run Run (set 1) dorunrun
Do! Run Run (set 2) dorunrun2 dorunrun
Do! Run Run (Do's Castle hardware, set 1) dorunrunc dorunrun
Do! Run Run (Do's Castle hardware, set 2) dorunrunca dorunrun
Super Pierrot (Japan) spiero dorunrun
Mr. Do's Wild Ride dowild
Jumping Jack jjack
Kick Rider kickridr



Stylus - Select game and difficulties levels

D-Pad - Select game

A - Play selected game

B - Zoom images list

L/R - Accelerate, Slow down, Reverse images scrolling

In game:

D-Pad - Play

A - Fire

Start - Start game (1 player), Fire

Select - Start game (2 player)

R - Save state

L - Load state

Y - Yes, Confirm save/load state

X - Exit, Cancel save/load state


mrdo2.png mrdo3.png


V2.1.1 2011/05/14

  • Changed:
    • docastl2.* must be renamed docastle2.*
    • docastlo.* must be renamed docastleo.*
    • dorunru2.* must be renamed dorunrun2.*
    • dorunruc.* must be renamed dorunrunc.*
    • dorunrca.* must be renamed dorunrunca.* (thanks Another World)

V2.1 2011/05/08

  • Compiled with libnds libnds 1.5.0+ & devkitarm R32.
  • Compatible with CYCLODS iEvolution B6 in DSi mode.
  • Emulator settings stored.

V2.0 2009/06/19

  • Mr. Do's Castle, Do! Run Run & Mr. Do's Wild Ride added.
  • Emulator state save / load.
  • Coins removed (Free Play is used instead).

V1.0 2009/05/17

  • First version.
  • Compiled with libnds 1.3.3 & devkitarm R26.
  • File rom is unziped by the emulator.
  • Hi-scores are saved.
  • Optimised display with scrolling.


MAME Teams.

Reesy for DrZ80 emulator.

progds for marquees, cabinets and beta testing.

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