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AuthorAkop Karapetyan
Last Updated2009/04/04

RACE! PSP is an emulator for SNK's handheld console, the Neo Geo Pocket and the Pocket Color (1998-2000), made by Akop Karapetyan (aka Uberjack) for the PSP.

It is a continuation of Flavor's PSP port of the RACE! emulator. It emulates the same system as NeoPop PSP, but is significantly faster.


  • Load rom from ZIP files.
  • Custom key mappings.
  • Screen size adjustment.
  • CPU clock frequency adjustment.
  • Show FPS.
  • Screenshots.
  • Save states.
  • Turbo mode.
  • Other miscellaneous options.


Note: The emulator requires an authentic BIOS rom to run. The file should be named NPBIOS.BIN and place the in the same directory as EBOOT.PBP.

Unzip race.zip into /PSP/GAME/ folder on the Memory Stick.

Game ROM may reside anywhere (the GAMES subdirectory is recommended, but not necessary). ROM files can also be loaded from ZIP files.

User guide

Flash Memory

Flash memory is saved to Memory Stick when the game is reset, a new game is launched, or at program exit.


Time Rewind feature is included since v2.16. Assign PSP button for Special: Rewind in the Controls menu to enable it.

Press the Rewind button to rewind emulation (approximately 18 seconds of recent gameplay are recorded).

Enabling this feature may result in slight performance degradation, so if you don’t plan to use it, don’t leave it enabled.

Button configuration

By default, changes are not retained after button mapping is modified.

Please make sure to save (with Cross button) after desired mapping is configured.


Neo Geo Pocket/Pocket Color:

Analog/D-Pad - D-Pad

Square - A button

Circle - B button

Select - Option

L+R - Return to the emulator menu

Button configuration:

Cross - Save changes

Triangle - Load default key mappings





Known issues

The homebrew has not been thoroughly tested with the real BIOS rom, and may not work correctly. For instance, the Test Mode button does not work correctly in Card Fighters’ Clash.


v2.16 2009/04/04

  • Time Rewind feature: map ‘Special: Rewind’ to any PSP button in the Controls menu to enable. See documentation for more information.
  • Save state format has changed: RACE! PSP will still read the older save state format, but loading will be slightly slower.
  • Not a new feature, but the documentation now includes a section on how to have RACE! PSP load a BIOS ROM file (instead of using the customized hardcoded version).

v2.15 2008/10/14

  • Fixed state auto-selection bug; when switching games, the latest save state will now be highlighted
  • Added support for NGC and NGPC file extensions.
  • To improve menu entrance/exit time, reduced the number of times the game will save flash RAM data. Flash data will now be saved when resetting a game, loading a new game, and exiting emulator.
  • Rapid fire support – map any button to A or B autofire (‘Controls’ tab). You can also change the rate of autofire (‘Options’ tab).
  • Snapshots are now saved into PSP’s own PHOTO directory (/PSP/PHOTO), and can be viewed in PSP’s image viewer.
  • File selector snapshots – while browsing for games with the file selector, pause momentarily to display the first snapshot for the game (name must end with ‘-00.png’).

v2.1 2008/09/21

  • Emulation state saving implemented.
  • Added a test switch that works in Card Fighters Clash, Card Fighters Clash 2, Dokodemo Mahjong, possibly other games (‘Controls’ tab).

v2.0 2008/09/10

  • Initial release.


Original PSP port, optimizations by Flavor.

GP2X port, optimizations by Thor.

The emulator is based on MHE emulator by Judge_.

Special thanks to wraggster for tracking down Flavor’s contact information.

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