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AuthorPirata Nervo
Last Updated2008/08/10
TypeOperating systems

NervOS is a shell replacement for PSP with many mainstream features, as well as the ability to restore files of your PSP. This shell was written in C by Pirata Nervo.

This was submitted to the PSP-Hacks Homebrew Idol in 2008 and the QJ.NET PSPUpdates Homebrew Contest 2008.


  • Play music.
  • View images.
  • Play games.
  • Run homebrew or prx plugins.
  • Built-in unpacker to unzip files.
  • Write documents with the text editor.
  • Web browser for web surfing.
  • Calculator.
  • Ability to have up to 3 users and a log in screen.
  • Comes with an installer/a setup.
  • Able to store your configuration files and NervOS system files using flash memory.
  • Other features such as USBHostFS and a psx game loader.

User guide

Supported file types

MP3, OGG, AA3, FLAC, WAV, JPEG/JPG, PNG, ISO/CSO, TXT, CFG, M3U and ZIP (can be with or without password).

Menu options

  • Text editor - Can open all supported files. Although it may crash due to the fact that it does not have more memory.
  • Music player - Can play MP3, OGG, FLAC, AA3 and WAV files. Also M3U files.
  • Picture viewer - Can view JPG and PNG images (up to 512x512).
  • Unpacker - Can open and extract files with or without password.
    • To select a ZIP file it is recommended to use the Home file browser, select it from there.
    • Otherwise you will need to manually type in the exact file path.

Recovery menu

  • Fix Manually.
  • Fix Automatically.
  • Start NervOS.
  • Turn Off.
  • Re-Create Configuration.
  • Backup/Restore tools.
  • Exit to XMB.


Select - Take screenshot


D-Pad - Cycle through the icons

Cross - Choose the highlighted icon

Start - Open the Control Panel

R/L - Skip tracks (when having a play list loaded)

Home - Open the file browser (load all upported files but not PSX games)

Control Panel:

D-Pad - Change the highlighted option

Cross - Choose the highlighted option

Circle - Exit Control Panel

Square - End USBHostFS mode (if the highlighted option is USBHostFS)

If the highlighted option is USBHostFS, make sure you have usbhostfs_pc running in your computer and make sure you mounted a directory to host0.

Task Manager:

D-Pad - Change the highlighted option

Cross - Continue the highlighted process

Square - End the highlighted process

Circle - Go back


D-Pad - Change the highlighted character

Cross - Choose the highlighted character

Start - Clear

Circle - Back to menu

NervOS Configuration:

D-Pad Up/Down - Change the highlighted option

Cross - Save the new configuration

Circle - Go back

D-Pad Left/Right - Change the configuration of the highlighted option

Theme List:

D-Pad Up/Down - change the highlighted theme

Cross - Select the highlighted theme

Circle - Go back

Text Editor:

Start - Show/hide the keyboard

L/R - Change between characters mode (with keyboard showing)

Cross - Select/add the highlighted character/option (with keyboard showing)

D-Pad - Move the stream (when keyboard is hidden)

D-Pad - Change the highlighted character/option (with keyboard showing)

Square - Erase a character

File Browser:

D-Pad - Change the highlighted file/folder

Start - Open the Options window

Cross - Open the highlighted folder or to run the highlighted file

Task Bar:

D-Pad Right/Left - Navigate through the processes

Square - End the highlighted process

Cross - Continue the highlighted process

Note - Close the task bar





How to install NervOS on PSP Slim or Fat (63Eazy63)


Version 2.1

  • NervOS Installer: Added Network Updater.
  • Changed the original theme (thanks CO_ol).
  • Added new original theme (Original Black).
  • Unpacker (only unzips for now).
  • Control Panel: Added option which launches Unpacker.
  • File Browser: if you select a .zip file, it opens the unpacker.


Beta Testers - M33 User, hibbyware, Eleo, CO_ol, dbomb90, xchipxrbox, Jo3_sum, lowsnamebrand, hockeyhead019, noob, rozac, tacticalbread, triggerftu, Alensis.

Special Thanks - moonlight/dark_Alex, Slash, hibbyware, Cory1492, JumpR, TyRaNid, kiek, jo3_sum, Eleo, CO_ol, M33 User, dbomb90, rozac, noob, tacticalbread, hockeyhead019, xchipxrobx, Dark_Sabre, roe-ur-boat, triggerftu, Alensis, lowsnamebrand, ORGAN, sakya.

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