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MapThis! GPS enabled map viewer for PSP
Last Updated2007/11/20

MapThis! is a downloadable map viewer with an integrated GPS navigator written by Denis (deniska).

This was an entry from the Neo Summer Coding Compo 2006 (PSP Applications, 1st place).


  • Scroll through large (up to 65536x65536 pixels) maps.
  • Zoom in/out. The number of zoom levels depends of on the size of the map.
  • Large coverage.
  • Customizable map size, level of detail and coverage.
  • Ability to display zipped maps (currently buggy).
  • Ability to display satellite and hybrid maps from Google.
  • Wifi map retrieval: ability to acquire and store map data to Memory Stick over WIFI.
  • Linux/Cygwin script is also provided to generate a map of given size and detail for a given location.
  • GPS support.
  • Rather simple DYI hook up with GPSlim 236 receiver from Holux is explained in this thread.
  • GPS mode: With coordinates, number of satellites in view. Also has a NORTH UP mode and TRACK UP mode.
  • Records GPS data (captures NMEA sentences in gps.txt file for later replay).
  • POI/Attractions data support. Ability to select and display different types of attractions.
  • Basic track/waypoint support. Ability to import/display directions instructions.
  • PSPSDK compatible source code provided.


1.5 users copy contents of 1.5 folder to ms0:/PSP/GAME/.

1.0 use EBOOT.PBP from 1.0 folder with data files from 1.5 folder.

2.0+ try using EBOOT.PBP from NOGPS folder with data files from 1.5 folder.

2.7+ generate maps of up to 32x32 size with provided cygwin script or the gmdl windows program and html files, copy them on MS and view through the PSP's browser.

User guide

The program uses imagery from Google Maps, which currently have pretty good coverage of North America, Western Europe, Australia, Japan.

Visit Google maps, to find out if they provide required coverage for your location.

The GPS supports has the ability to read and interpret NMEA sentences from a GPS receiver communicating through PSP's serial port.

In GPS mode there are following features:

  • Speed, direction, altitude, latitude, longitude, number of satellites in view.
  • NORTH UP mode - Map is displayed with NORTH always on top. The arrow in the middle turns to shows current direction.
  • TRACK UP mode - Map rotates so that direction of movement is always from top down.
  • Record GPS data - Captures NMEA sentences in gps.txt file for later replay.



Analog - Move up and down, Select letter (Danzeff keyboard)

Up/Down - Move up and down

Left/Right - Move cursor (text entry mode), Toggle CPU Clock Speed (in menu)

Cross - Confirm selection

Select - Exit

Start - Display Help screen, Start map download on Wifi screen

L - Toggle digits in the text entry mode

R - Toggle upper case in the text entry mode


Analog - Move cursor, Turns off GPS modes

Up/Down - Zoom in and out

Left - Toggle GPS data recordging (only in GPS mode)

Right - Toggle North/Track up mode (only in GPS mode)

Square - Turns on GPS mode (off when you move the cursor or exit map)

Circle - Display POI/Attractions Menu

Triangle - Turn on/off POI display (off if zoom level is changed)

Start - Display Help screen

Select - Exit map


MapThis! for PSP. Navigation voice prompts in action (xxdeniskaxx)

Known issues

WIFI MAP UPLOAD does not work for PSP-290 version. Infrequent crashes (still under investigation).



  • Generic serial GPS receivers support (Holux gpslim236-240, M1000-1200 and others) for slim psp.
  • One version of the program (FW3.xx) supports both PSP-290 and Holux receivers.
  • Type of receiver can now be selected via configuration screen:
    • ENABLESERIALPORT=1 - Holux /serial port gps devices.
    • ENABLESERIALPORT=0 - PSP-290 support.
    • Note that due to FW limitations the version for 1.0-1.5 Firmware does not have support for PSP-290 receiver.
  • Wifi upload should now work in all versions of the program (must be enabled with LOADWIFI=1 flag).
  • Variable map scroll speed (controlled via CURSORSPEED=..).
  • Zoom in/out animation (toggled with SMOOTHZOOM=1).
  • Smooth transition between 2D and bird-view modes.
  • Sound output controlled programatically in FW3.xx version (applies to serial port gps devices only).
  • If during program starup the audio/serial connector is not plugged in, the sound is routed to internal speakers.
  • Rotating POI icons, better rendering of compass arrows, etc.
  • Numerous rendering optiomizations (as of v05.05).
  • Misc bug fixes.
  • Code cleanup.
  • Source code included.

v0.5 (1 year anniversary edition)

  • Birds Eye mode.
  • Inverted colors (night) mode.
  • Voice Prompts /Alerts support. (* see notes below).
  • Missing zoom layer rendering (only for gpsfs maps). MapThis! attempts to render a missing zoom layer with shrinked tiles from the next zoom level.
  • Screenshots are saved in ms0:/PSP/PHOTO now.
  • Icons/sounds can now be located in either a particular map directory or system (system/sounds or system/icons) directory.
  • POI and WAYPOINT files can now also be looked up from ms0:/PSP/COMMON.
  • Geodata can now be shared between maps if geodata.dat file is placed in the same directory as EBOOT.PBP. The program will attempt to load geodata.dat file in the current map directory first.
  • New tiger line geodata for USA (2006se from 03/2007) compiled and available through gmdl18a and higher versions.
  • Edit functionality added to "Configuration" screen. While in Configuration screen, scroll down untill the line that needs to be edited is on top. Press [X] to enter the edit mode. You can use up/down arrows to increment/decrement current character by 1. Use [START] to save or [SELECT] to cancel the edit.
  • New current position prediction logic, hopefully resulting in smoother scrolling.
  • A few rendering bug fixes in graphics routines.
  • New parameters added to configuration file: STARTUPFREQUENCY, STARTUPSCREENMODE, NIGHTMODE, SPEEDLIMIT. SATINFOFREQUENCY defines CPU frequency on Satellite Info screen (PSP-290 only)
  • Timezone parameter removed from configuration, timezone is determined based on your PSP date/time settings.
  • Localization support (language packs).
  • PSP-290 version does not require prx files to run in non-gps mode.
  • Attached sorce code adopted to the latest verison of PSPSDKa map viewer (we can download them too) with an integrated GPS navigator (if this is available)

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