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GNX Project
Last Updated2009/09/03
TypeOperating systems
Version1.00 gnx-a

GNX Project (Spanish) is a complete shell for your PSP. It simulates the XMB menu with a familar design and is able to return to the shell after running a homebrew, the UMD or Internet browser without having to exit to the XMB.

It provides most of the tools to help managing data and run applications on your PSP. It also has some unique functions such as GNX Store, which allow you to download savedata for games through internet (there are about 100 available saves collected according to the developer).

This was one of the contest entries for the Scenery Beta 2009 (PSP Applications, 3rd place).

User guide


  • Network update - Updated GNX to the latest version of the system without using the computer or using decompressors.
  • USB connection - Addition to the connection to the Memory Stick, possibility of connecting to the UMD reader (Imposed protection against manipulation flash that could cause a brick).
  • System information - Show all the information related to the temperature of the battery, or the number of hours remaining, among other options.
  • System settings - Able to configure the shell, as well as view the GNX Software information.
  • Theme settings - Modification of the theme or individual personalization of the elements.


  • Photo - View images found on the PSP/PHOTO path.
  • Music - Supports playback of OGG, MP3, WMA, WAV, UNI formats.
    • You can change the equalizers while playing music, sort data by the artist or the album, etc.
    • It has the Energy Saver option that reduces the speed of the CPU, and increase the battery life while playing music.
    • Also you can let the music play while continue navigating through the shell.


  • UMD - Able to execute UMD as well as indicate the type of disk inserted. Unlike other shells, the GNX will return at the end of the game (that is, exit with the Home key) to the main menu of the program.
  • Dump UMD via USB - Transfer a backup copy of your UMD directly to your PC.
  • Dump UMD to Memory Stick - Transfer a backup copy of your UMD to your Memory Stick. Possibility to speed up the process.
  • Saved data tool - Explore game save games on your MS.
  • Memory Stick - Allows direct access to the GAME folder of its MS.


  • System maintenance - Erase unnecessary files such as cookies and history.
  • File Explorer - Supported files such as: PBP, PNG, JPG, LUA, PRX, ZIP, GIF, HTML, HTM, SWF.
  • Calculator - A basic calculator.
  • Theme Download - It will allow you to download CTF themes online for Custom Firmwares: 4.01 M33, 5.00 M33 and 5.50 GEN.


  • PSP Demo Center - Access to a store which contains most of the demos , videos, music, themes available on the PSN.
  • GNX Store - Available to download savedatas by having a Wi-Fi connection configured. According to developer database contains 106 different saves along with their different regions.
  • Search the Internet - GNX Project uses the Sony search engine, Google Firefox and Yahoo! The search provider can be changed from the context menu.
  • Chat Ad Hoc - Communicate with those close to you using Ad-Hoc mode.
  • Ebuddy - Optimized for the PSP to chat with friends. After executing Ebuddy, the web browser/search engine will automatically erase the history, self-identification and cookies, etc.
  • Web browser - The default home page loaded as a portal with an aesthetic identical to Google Chrome (can be changed from the system settings menu).


Some of the additional features you can find from file explorer context menu:

  • Copy - Copy and Paste file/folder.
  • Move - Cut and Paste file/folder.
  • Delete - Delete file/folder.
  • Rename - Rename file/folder.
  • Information - Shows information of the selected file.


Select - Exit the browser, Minimize music

Cross - Accept, Perform tasks

Circle - Cancel, Back

Square - Options

Triangle - Previous directory (in file explorer)

Start - Maximize minimized music (in file explorer)

R/L - Advance/Rewind image or Song

Analog/D-Pad - Navigate through the application






GNX Project (luigi2498)

GNXProyect (Juanito Molotovi Valtierra)


Optimized for use on the 5.00 M33 and 5.50 Gen and lower M33s.

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