Castlevania: Harmony of Destruction

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Castlevania: Harmony of Destruction
TypePlatform Action
Version1.0 16/08/2009

Castlevania: Harmony of Destruction (Spanish), which stars Simon Belmont, the famous vampire hunter of the Castlevania series.

User guide

It is the year 2099. Dracula's castle has emerged from the darkness of the night. 100 years ago Julius Belmont had ended Dracula's curse, locking him in hell for eternity.

In the year 2032, Dracula tried to reincarnate in Soma Cruz without any success.

But a century after Julius ended the curse, it seems that Dracula has come back to life. Or is it just the spirit of Dracula, who is looking for a soul and a body to live in so that he can reincarnate?

Following the great sacrament, a dark power has risen from the castle turning Transylvania into a ride to hell.

What is this great power due to? Mysteriously, one of the most powerful vampire hunters of the Belmont clan has come to life, his name is Richter Belmont.


In this game you control a legendary vampire hunter who tries to solve a mystery after the appearance of the castle of the lord of darkness.

Note: To go from one stage to another, move to the end of the stage where you are. Until the character disappears from the edge of the screen, you will not appear in the next scenario.


D-Pad - Move character left/right

Down - Crouch, Pick up object at your feet

Up+Y/A - Throw the knife (if collected)

Down+B (on the ground or in air) - Lunge (when you get power)

A - Sword

B - Jump

Y - Whiplash

Start - Pause (not very developed in this version)


Tested on:

ITouch DS Flashcard with firmware 3.2b
Flashcard R4 Revolution with unknown firmware
Flashcard DSTT/TTDS with firmware 1.17a02
Acekard 2i flashcard with firmware 4.18
SuperCard DSONEi Flashcard with firmware 3.0
EZ-Flash Vi Flashcard with unknown firmware



  • Added three new scenarios.
  • Two things: Knife and ability to attack.
  • Two new movements: Launch and knife attack.
  • Controls displayed on the top screen during the game.