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Snes9X Euphoria
Last Updated2011/10/15
Versionr5 beta 3 signed

Snes9X Euphoria is a Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) emulator for the PSP that plays most games at full speed. It is a continuation of the Snes9xTyl, an open source project based off Laxer3a, YoyoFR, and Rukka's SNES emulation effort.

This is an entry from the Neo Retro Coding Compo 2010 (Retro APP, 8th place).


Make sure your PSP Firmware version has an available Custom Firmware or HEN; upgrade/ downgrade the Firmware as necessary.

Place Snes9X Euphoria folder in /PSP/GAME/ on your PSP's Memory Stick (PSP-1000/2000/3000 series) or internal memory (PSP Go).

Copy the ROMs into the roms folder, saves (SRM) into the saves folder, and cheats into the cheats folder.

User guide

According to the developer, this is the recommended settings for full speed that can be applied for majority of the games.

  • Render: Fast
  • Frameskip: 3
  • Sound: (11025) Note this does not appear to have any noticeable difference on speed at 44000.

For games that have graphical glitches, Fast renderer can make them unplayable such as Mario Kart. You can use the following setting instead.

  • Render: Fast + Accur.
  • Frameskip: 3
  • Sound: (11025) Note this does not appear to have any noticeable difference at 44000.


Main Menu:

D-Pad/Analog - Move through menu

Square - Run ROM with default setting (in ROM selection menu)

Cross - Cancel, Return

Circle - Accept, Select

Triangle - Upload a file (file explorer), Set default option (sub-menu), Show Help

Start - Enable Network Connection Mode (in ROM selection menu)

Select - Change background music of the menu (if enabled)

Home - Exit the Emulator

In ROM (Default Controls):

D-Pad/Analog - Up, Down, Left, Right

Square - Y

Cross - B

Circle - A

Triangle - X

R - R-Trigger

L - L-Trigger

Start - Start

Select - Select

Home - Exit to the menu

L+Select - Enable/Disable Turbo

L+Start - Change Graphic Engine (GFX Engine)

R+Select - Increase Frameskip

R+Start - Reduce Frameskip





Snes9x Euphoria R5 - Snes Emulator for PSP (Kurtis Ward)


Can now be used on any 5.xx kernel PSP Firmware (5.00 M33 , 5.03 MHU and 5.50 GEN).


R5 Beta 3 Updated

  • Signed for OFW.

R5 Beta 3

  • Fixed control/input issue from Beta 2.
  • Small code optimizations.
  • Other minor changes.
  • Rom loading time decreased (ie games boot faster).
  • Reverted Background back to R4 (ie no neoflash).
  • Corrected tons of incorrect assumptions made that affected graphical quality without gaining anything in return.
  • Improved Math implementation (small speedup).
  • Tons of code optimization (small speedup).
  • More stability - Seems to be a lot more stable.
  • Mario All Stars Works Again.


  • Rendering Rehash - Speed Up.
  • Function clean up - Small speed up.
  • Fixed Memory Stick read error.
  • Various fixes.

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