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5h4d0ws Seplugins Manager
Last Updated2011/05/22
Version1.6 final

5h4d0w's Plugin Manager, or 5h4d0w's Seplugins Manager, is a homebrew that allows you to enable and disable plugins without a computer.

This is an entry from the PSP Genesis Competition 2011.


  • Add, edit, move and delete plugins .txt files without a computer.
  • Enable or disable plugins.
  • Nice pop-up menu.
  • Create themes.
  • Will strip-out any empty lines in your text files, making them look cleaner.
  • View short description of each plugin or add one if one isn't found.
  • Able to load the Recovery menu from the application.


Note from developer:

PSP Go users with a Memory Stick inserted must install the homebrew onto the Memory Stick and not the internal storage. If you do not do this, the application will not be able to browse the Memory Stick.

This is because the PSP Go redirects access to the Memory Stick to the internal storage for backwards compatibility with older Sony games.

User guide

The application can ​load plugin .txt files from three locations: ms0:/, ef0:/, and flash0:/.

It includes a built-in configuration editor. The editor is password-protected (encrypted), and is saved separately from the plugin .txt files. Pressing Start in the config editor will not save plugins, and vice-versa.

You can add, edit, remove, toggle, copy/paste and move plugins in all three .txt files. Adding a plugin is as easy as browsing for the file. By editing config you can also disable certain plugins.

It will only load from .txt files that exist. If they don't exist, it creates them for you. Once you save your changes, it gives you the option ti auto-exit from the application.

Customize Theme

Files are located in the /resources/themes/ folder. Each color is separated onto its own line.

Line 1) Unselected/Regular Text.
Line 2) Selected Text.
Line 3) Disabled Options.
Line 4) Other Text/UI Elements.
Line 5) Background Color.
Line 6) Will eventually be a background image file. Doesn't exist yet.

A line consists of three sets of digits, separated by an "R", a "G", and a "B".

  • The digits between the "R" and the "G" is the RED value.
  • The digits between the "G" and the "B" is the GREEN value.
  • The digits between the "B" and the end of the line is the BLUE value.

To make something RED, you would write "R255G0B0"; A red value of 255, and green and blue values of 0.


Square - Show short description of the selected plugin, (press twice) add description

Left/Right - Scroll constantly

L/R - Change between pops.txt, game.txt, vsh.txt

Circle - Go back

Start - Save and exit

Select - Cancel, Revert changes (config editor)

File browser:

Up/Down - Scroll through items

Left/Right - Scroll constantly

Cross - Select item

Circle - Close browser

Triangle - To the previous directory

Device selector/Theme selector:

Left/Right - Select

Cross - Apply


Tested on 5.00 M33, 5.03 GEN, 5.50 GEN, 6.20 TN and 6.35 PRO.

Works on PSP GOs.


v1.6 Final

  • Moved all files into the "resources" directory. Please delete the old version before copying over the new one.
  • More improvements to the Recovery menu code.
  • Removed unused testing code.


  • The flash is only assigned if you try to access it. This is so TN users with flash protection enabled will still be able to use most of the app.
  • Improved loading the Recovery menu. Still won't work on GEN Firmwares.


  • The logo now has a really nice fade in/out effect.
  • Pressing square now shows a short description of the selected plugin (as requested). You can press square again to add your own description if one isn't found. This is done Line-By-Line, and leaving a line empty ends the description.
  • You can now load the Recovery menu from the Config Page (running out of buttons). Note that exiting the Recovery menu will exit the app.
  • General optimizations.


  • Fixed more bugs. This is the most stable release yet.
  • Improved plugin saving function.
  • Now removes useless data after initial startup. This isn't going to make a huge impact, but it's still better to conserve memory.


  • Put the config back into the app directory so that don't have to assign two separate flashes. Marginally safer and faster. Promise won't be changed again.
  • Lots of bugfixes.
  • More optimizations. Many parts of the app are faster now. Drawing speed, mostly. Certain functions have been optimized.


  • Put back the plugin addition confirmation.
  • Now displays the copied plugin.
  • You can now scroll fast in the pop-up menu as well.
  • New option that hides the plugin path. Example:
    • The plugin line is "ms0:/seplugins/myPlugin.prx".
    • If the option is enabled, the app will only display "myPlugin.prx".
  • Fixed bug where TN users with flash protection enabled would cause a crash. Thanks guys for reporting this one.
  • Various optimizations.


  • Removed an alert for adding a plugin. Now it only asks to enable or not.
  • Added an option to set the browser to auto-start in "/seplugins/" instead of the root.
  • Now uses backslash quotes for some strings (prints [bla "blablabla" bla] instead of [bla 'blablabla' bla]).
  • All config options that are strings also have quotes. Not really an improvement but it looks better this way.


  • Pressing triangle in the browser acts as a shortcut to the previous directory.
  • The browser now loops around on itself.
  • The browser now displays when you can scroll up or down in a directory ("//" and "//").
  • Pressing left/right in the browser and main plugin display now scrolls constantly (great for huge folders/plugin lists). The app will NOT loop around while holding left or right. This in intentional, not a bug.
  • "flash0:/" Plugin loading implemented.
  • The forceMS0 option has been removed and replaced with a device selector.
  • The device selector works the same as the theme selector, you cycle with left/right and apply with cross (X). You can choose between: "ms0:/", "ef0:/" if on a GO, and "flash0:/".


  • Fixed bug where browser would not enable a new plugin.
  • Fixed bugs in the config editor.


  • Quick bugfix (may fix the PSP GO browser issue).


  • Now includes a file browser for selecting a plugin to add. No more typing out the path to the plugin
  • Shows a device chooser on PSP GOs if there is a Memory Stick inserted (ef0 or ms0)
  • You can only select a ".prx" file to add. The controls are pretty simple, up/down to scroll through items, cross to select an item, and circle to close the browser.
  • There is now a confirmation on plugin removal.
  • Thanks to Genesis Forum user Halvhjearne for testing the browser and for suggesting the removal check.


  • Now only loads up to 20 plugins per .txt file (PSP's limit).
  • Added ability to copy and paste plugins between .txt files.
  • Added ability to disable requiring the password.
  • This is OFF by default; You will need to make a password, then turn it on.
  • Added support for multiple "themes".
  • Added ability to select theme in the config editor.
  • Themes are sorted alphabetically with the exception of the default, which is always first.
  • Theme format is now RxxxGxxxBxxx instead of a Lua color definition.
  • Scrolling past the final plugin or option will reset to the first. Scrolling back past the first will reset to the last.
  • Reverted UI changes to the menu. Selected options are highlighted like they used to be instead of showing a ">".
  • Some other changes.

v1.2b1 uploaded

  • Fixed a huge screw up (it actually WORKS now).


  • Added built-in configuration editor.
  • The editor is password-protected.
  • The password is encrypted.
  • The config file is now stored in "flash3:/".
  • Previous users may delete "config.cfg" from the app directory. The color scheme is now stored in "theme.cfg" in the app directory.
  • Fixed multiple bugs (Thanks everyone who reported them).
  • Introduced new bugs.


  • Splash screen updated.
  • Fixed a few bugs.


  • Fixed major bugs related to saving and loading.
  • Optimization of load function.


  • Now will only load the .txt files that exist. If they don't exist, it makes them.
  • Bugfix: Would try to load from ef0:/ even on a regular PSP. You would have to set forceMS0 to 1 to fix it.
  • Random optimizations.

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