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Last Updated2009/02/18
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KANJI.ES is a NDS homebrew designed for practicing 80 basic kanji.

User guide

After selecting the language for the application, you can choose between 4 Japanese lessons.

Each lesson contains 20 kanji. The flashcard is displayed on the upper screen (only translation and reading) and the bottom screen for writing.

  • SHOW - Show hint/kanji.
  • CLEAR - Clear display.
  • GOOD - Mark the flashcard as learned and not ask again during that session.
  • BAD - Mark this option and it will be asked again.

The lesson is over when we marked all the flashcard as GOOD giving to understand that we know as those 20 kanji and write.

Note from developer:

KANJI.ES is to be used as an educational software, there are no scores and does not recognize handwriting.


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Version 2.3 2009/02/18

  • BUGS: It works on DSTT cards.
  • BUGS: Fixed reading/translation of the Kanji 90 (walking).
  • ADDS: Modified to compile with the latest version of devkitPRO.

Version: 2.2 2008/09/16

  • BUGS: Corrected reading kanji on-Youmi 25 (Year).
  • ADDS: First mini-game, so you play:
    • The top screen will either reading or translation of a kanji, and the touch screen 48 different kanji. It is find the kanji on the touch screen for translation/reading appears at the top.
    • The levels are as follows:
      • Test 1: Kanji 1 to 40. 20 questions.
      • Test 2: Kanji 1 to 80. 40 questions.
      • Test 3: Kanji 1 to 120. 60 questions.
      • Test 4: Kanji 1 to 160. 80 questions.
    • Or in mathematical plan:
      • Test n: Kanji 1 to (n * 40). Questions (n ​​* 40)/2.

Version 2.1 2008/08/21

  • Bug was detected on the line and how to set the console to provide more resistance stylus. The chances that you are online appear happy minimum, but not impossible (to me appears even with homebrew colors).
  • The screen calibration is done with the L and R, but not be calibration vary greatly. These buttons only work within the lesson, while you are painting the kanji.
  • The second development is a change (again) graph. This time shall be final.
  • With this version closes Kanji.es cycle until you find the third book "manga kanji" in English (I have it in Spanish) and can continue with the saga.

Version 2.0 2008/08/01

  • Added the 80 Kanji appeared in the book "Manga 2 Kanji".
  • Ability to configure the cards you want by choosing Show/Hide.

Version 1.0 2008/05/25

  • Initial release.

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