Tetris 3DS

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Tetris 3DS

Tetris 3DS is a 3D Tetris with customizable music for the NDS. Records are saved automatically.

It was announced the first place in the Scenery Beta 2008, under the category of Games for Nintendo DS.

User guide

There is a JUKEBOX option that allows you to listen to the music without having to play the game.

In order to do that you have to keep the size of the songs under 3MB, if not the game will probably crash.

 |   |-Tetris_3DS.nds
 |   |-MENU.mp3
 |   |-SONG_00.mp3
 |   |-SONG_XX.mp3 (from 01 to 99)
 |   |-Tetris3DS_Config.dat (created automatically)

Put as many SONG_XX as you want. Name them 00,01,01 instead of 0,1,2,3...For example, 1 = SONG_01.MP3.

When the game tries to load a song that doesn't exist it will go back to SONG_00.MP3. If some song gives a decoding error the game will try to stop it and load the next song, but it sometimes crash. If the game stops the song it will create a file named Error_Log.txt with the bad file.

If the game doesn't find MENU.mp3 or SONG_00.mp3, you won't hear anything in the menu or during the game. You should keep you MP3 files under 3MB of size.


L+R+Select+Start - Switch off DS in main menu

Classic mode:

Can be controlled with Stylus or Keypad.

Up/Down - Left/Right

Left - Down speed increased

Right - Automatically go down

A or Double tap - Rotate

X - Reserve

Start - Pause


Select+Start - Enter Versus CPU mode

Start - Pause

Player 1 Player 2 Effect
Up X Reserve.
Left/Right Y/A Move.
Down B Down speed increased.
L R Rotate.



Known issues

Sometimes the game gives an error while loading and both screens, just turn black and the game freezes.

This happens because it gives a write error even if FAT has inited OK. You can stop FAT init if you hold R+L before the moment when the game freezes (After the [Tetris 3DS / by Antonio Niño Díaz] screen).

It won't load anything from FAT, but the game will work.


Joat, Dovoto and WinterMute for libnds.

Chishm for libfat.

Mollusk for PAlib.

Noda for ASlib.